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    General Ranting and Raving about game studios

    How “permanent” is a permanent job at a game studio? Until they have another layoffer, or until the next project is cancelled, or until the studio closes. How many studios have closed their doors after the release of just 1 title? How many artists have been able to collect a pension from a game, or animation studio? It just seems absolutely insane to me to take a job in an isolated area where there is only 1 or 2 studios in the area offering “permanent” positions. I think most game artists know this and would choose to work in a more corporation redundant area like LA which has much more studios to choose from, if one goes under.

    To me it seems that game studios should operate more like the Hollywood movie production model, where a company is set up for the duration of the film, directors, producers, talent and closes its doors after the release of the film. Everyone goes on hiatus.
    At least then they are being honest with each other about the “permanence” of their positions.

    I suppose I'm just venting right now.

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    Well. . . our team has one member who switched to the games industry because he was tired of the project-to-project film industry hoo-ha, and wanted to settle down with a job that was a bit more secure.

    Job security is a myth in any industry. But yes, it is the expected thing in this industry to hop companies a few times, due to it being a risky business, making games.

    You’ve inspired me. . . I’ll write something on this topic in my thread this weekend, perhaps. There’s a link to the thread in my sig if it interests you.
    I think you are awesome, and I wish you the best in your endeavors, but I am tired of repeating myself, I am very busy with my new baby, and I am no longer a regular participant here, so please do not contact me to ask for advice on your career or education. All of the advice that I have to offer can already be found in the following links. Thank you.

    Perspective 101, Concept Art 101, Games Industry info,Oil Paint info, Acrylic Paint info, my sketchbook.

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    I do have quite a few friends in the game industry and statistically, we all got fired at least once (since we used to work together) but I've seen many more game developpers (artists and programmers) jump the boat than the other way around. From what I can see in my area, the security in the game industry is no worse than working in a restaurant, a sawmill or a courier company.

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