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    Asian facial features?

    Hi I'm new to the board and was wondering if anyone can explain what makes an asian face unique? (eye, nose, mouth)

    Hopefully no-one gets offended by this question, and if you do I apologize, but it would help me in my art and art related studies.

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    ah, asian magic

    i guess the most important thing to keep in mind is:

    almond-shaped eyes, next to no or completely no eyelids at all

    usually, a small, flat nose that doesn't stand out the face very much.

    the skintone, too is very unique and quite tricky to achieve...
    one thinks it has to be more yellow mixed in but you don't necessarily need the amount you think of.

    there also are differences in the typical japanese, korean and chinese face (only speaking of typical faces here...).
    for example, you can use a very flat face with small eyes and quite a lot of space inbetween to indicate someone's origin to china.

    hey, there are lots of websites out there that are dedicated to idol photography. most of this is nonude photo, so you don't have to worry in any case.
    get yourself a bunch of different photo sets and widen your visual vocabulary (to quote jon foster)

    also, one of the most important things:
    asian people don't tend to get folds very much... try to get a very smooth look unless you're going for the ageold karate-kid-teacher look.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

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    jrr, do you know anything else?

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    i aint even touchin' this one

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    Try drawing from life referencing different looking people. Go to the mall or crowded place and watch people and draw them.
    I've done this a few times and you can really tune in. It helps your quick gesture drawing too.

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