Having once bought a tablet in the past, and being dissapointed by it (words cant describe how crap it was, but i bought it for a tenner so dunno what i was expecting). But that was when I liked drawing, but only really as a thing to pass the time, and I figured a tablet woul be cool after I saw a friends.

Nowadays I draw all the time, but pretty much exclusively in traditional media - a pencil, pen, sometimes paints. But having gotten a lot better than I was a few years back, and taking it a lot more seriously too, I find that, particualry when I see the incredible work on this site, I'd love to try and branch out into digital media (looong sentence )

Sooo, getting to the point, what are everyone elses views on the difference between good old pencils, and flashy new wacom tablets. Seeing as if I do get a tablet, Ill make an effort to fork out and get a proper one, I really want a second opinion on whether its worth it or not. Basically, who here loves their tablet with a burning passion, and who thinks they're crap and traditional media is just as good and better.