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    sketches, studies and other art.big dl I think

    Ok, i've debated and debated on if I should show any of my current junk. I feel it just doesn't fit here, but I'll try anyway and see if any of you bite

    These are all for a graduate class i'm taking "mixed media drawing"
    I'll start off with the master's studies i've been doing for my sketch book..and some figure studies...
    For most of these images I recorded myself drawing them so i could better understand where I made mistakes durring the process. It's really helping me see things I would normally miss.
    You can view these here, but you'll need flash player.

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    btw, those movies are NOT.NOT. NOT. NOT meant to be viewed as " a proper way to draw."

    OK now for something TOTALLY different.....
    Most of these images are created with the following.
    Charcoal, gesso, tea, orange tea, water, motor oil, water color, pencil, saw dust, coffee grounds, WD40, ortho bug killer i'm sure i'm leaving something out,but basicly anything I could find in my garage went into these.
    The one with the "flat" head was photoshop btw.
    Comments and suggestions or ideas are very welcomed. I'm open to other ideas for mixed media.

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    Hey man , I like your pictures.

    btw, if you need some critics, here they are:

    In the picture of the old man, the ear is too much simple

    In the third and fourth pics, the anatomy and the faces are a bit poor.

    Good job, anyway

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    thanks for the comments Kublay I agree with everything you've said.

    I wish there was some way I could add info about the images, instead of them just appearing...anyway...

    Yeah everyone comments on that ear lol. I think I was just tired of looking at the image at that point. Those were meant to be studies of Durer's works, so I was nottoo concerned with following them exactly, I was more interested in experimenting and seeing how close I could get to his "style" and way of working, using totally different tools. It wasn't untill after I finished that one that I realized he was using a wash "tint" for some of the shaded and learn

    the last image (the red one) was from a model who was kind enough to pose for me. It's been YEARS since i've done any figure drawing so it's taking some time to warm up to it again. I did manage to scrounge up some money to buy a big thick pad of news print, so the next time she's available to pose for me, I'll be able to work larger.
    tw, all of the traditional media images are 20inches by 30inches. I like to work big, or bigger if possible.

    I guess I should talk about what i'm doing and what my goals are...

    What i'm doing:

    having fun! After working in games and having to produce mind numbing art or "destroy" someone elses model just so it's polycount is low enough...I need to have fun and enjoy what i'm doing. I'm doing these images for myself and i'm experimenting. I'm stepping away from the tight detailed way I used to work in and i'm concentraiting more on shape and texture.

    what are my goals:..

    to have fun with what i do and to learn as much as I can from my mistakes as well as learning from other artists in my class and here on the boards. I want to start producing work that looks nothing like anything I've done before, i don't care about it being "popular" or "impressive," not at this stage anyway. I just want to move on and mature as an artist. Experience new techniques and take the time to actually study and understand what it is I like and dislike about my own art, as well as others.

    For the last 3 years I've been collecting images from here and the net and tucking them away in a folder on my hard drive. Anytime I find an image I like or something that I find myself looking at more than twice, I snag it and put in my folder. Well, as you can imagine after 3 years of doing this I had alot of images. It was over 1700. I reciently went through all of those and pruned them down to only the ones I really liked...after doing this many times. I've got it down to just over 400 images.

    what this taught me was there are specific styles and compositions I like best in drawings and paintings. I'm thinking i'm going to start experimenting with those styles and compositions and see what kind of results I'll get.

    ACK! i've rambled on too much.....anyway..I'll post more works when I get them done.

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