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    heath's sketchbook...needs more cowbell and less suck!

    i have been looking at this site for a while and decided to put some of my stuff up here. the work is rather rough atm, but i guess everyone has to start some where it goes without saying but i dont have much of a art background. so in my typical fashion i decide to persue a career in something that is basicly all art. i now have about 2 years to stop sucking and be able to produce quality work (queue mission impossible music). having said that blast away, rip apart and flame the crap out of my work because i need the truth if im going to get better

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    hi..its good tat u take the step to start somthing..the usual advice. Study anatomy. Start from the most basic of on your lines.They are very messy atm....of cos it takes time and effort to improve on tat. And u shld think twice about doing anything digital before having a good foundation in values/colours. Tats all i gotta say.Good luck.

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    thx for the feedback... i went out and got a book on anatomy, so you can guess what my up comming sketches will be. also i tried to clean up the lines in this sketch. let me know what you think

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