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    Question Selfmade Experts

    Hi im 18 years old and im continuing my education on a school that doesnt have any art connection.
    Want to ask all advanced or expert artist:
    How much did the people here help u,i mean how much did u upgraded ur skill
    visiting this forum,and is it posible to become expert without the Art Schools,
    i mean is there any expert artist that didnt learned in some Art School.
    Can i become what u are without the help of a real teacher but the help of this forum,e-books,and tutorials?

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    (Well I'm no expert artist but I'll try to chime in here)

    The short answer, yes! ( if you're talking about concept art, illustration )

    For me personally, this forum and its workshops have taught me more then
    what I ever learned in school. Most of the crucial info is available on boards
    like these and other sites. And there are many self taught pro's out there. Like Marko Djurdevic for example.
    However, it propably takes more dedication and effort to learn strictly on your
    own. A factor that you definately have to take into consideration.
    School environments gather many people together with the similar interests
    and the interaction and motivation you can get out of that can make you
    grow faster as an artist.
    Also, if you're talking about education in 'fine art' , classical drawing and
    painting for example. That would be best to study in an atelier under
    skilled and accomplished artists I think.

    Good luck on your journey

    "There is no such thing as 'accurate drawing'. There is beautiful
    drawing, and ugly, and nothing else." JAD Ingres, Ecrits sur l'art

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    This site is flooded with professionals, advanced amateurs, students, teachers, everything... The collective knowledge throughout is unreal. The site is definately a fantastic place to learn.
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    And yes, several of the pro's on this site have never had a formal education, but are incredible.You just have to be dedicated, don't think just talking or hanging around will make you better. You gotta sweat and bleed like you want it, otherwise even art school can't help you.

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    I want to add also, that I don't think that the site could entirely replace a GOOD school education. But this website is as good as you make it, it won't do the work for you. I hope it does'nt seem like I'm saying schools are pointless or anything.
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    I am committed to improve my discipline

    as a free artist in style form and thought (concepts) there is a wealth of knowledge that can be forum anywhere like the GIMP program has its own site yet it gets discussions all over or say for instance you need a tutorial in something fast it is here or you get directed to it form here... I agree though this is mostly Illustration ....

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