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    I will do the most photorealistic stick figure man has ever seen... or something

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    Yup, some jolly excellent stuff here! SBACHAN and Cody, it's an honour to be in a trio with you!

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    Brilliant work, guys'n girls! The work here is *amazing*

    Ones that stood out for me: Dutton, Johanson, Main Loop, Poise, Shelly Wan, Dave Palumbo.
    Great stuff from yAdam, kian, Summer Pudding, Romance, Jason Manley and a looooaaaad of others I loved. Matches 10, 11, 12, 21 and 22 are gonna be bitches to judge for...
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    this is like being fed too much candy. trying to digest it all..

    I loved many of the dynamic images (ninja_assn, johanson and bumskee etc) as well as some style-wise (davepalumbo, elcoro- literal, nicolas, viag and rasseltassel). mindblowing.

    btw, how does one enter thunderdome? getting picked or by own initiative?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theincredibleandy
    If only Fiducoise and Booner had made entries...
    the 2 thai kids...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Smith
    I was looking forward to jason chan and fiduciose
    Still I'm trying to keep my jaw together after seeing these images. So many great work to absorb. pld:
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    Damn! I am blown away! I like the El Coro, and Dave Palumbo Matchup!

    Fidicouse, Boon was a no show, what!? Hope he has a good reason for it hehe!

    Incredibleandy- yours rocked!

    Some of my favs: Matt Dixon, Nicholas, Iconophobian, Loomer, Sinix(I like the style),Whoami, Viag, RobRey(interesting matcup), Mike C. and tyranx, Kian.
    Bumskees colors are the tits! Poise good Idea! Main Loop the tits! Dutton seems to be a favorite now hehe! robinchyo vs yAdam, another interesting matchup! DavidSmit, hot! Proteus and M@, another strong matchup! Good luck to you all!

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    Big props to everyone, well done. Special shout out to Coro... you make me sick with delight.
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    Amazing, it's great pleasure to be crash by viag and robrey Love all works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosrocks
    … Mats is well done but sooo trite
    Heh. No argument here.

    Some really great stuff on show. Well done to all, and especially to Jason Manley and Bowlin for the stiff competition. Jason, yours is beautifully simple; have fun in the next round..!

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    Great work everyone. I know I’ll end up back here a few times this week to check these out again. What a humbling experience to have my work included in such company. It throws into sharp contrast just how much more there is to learn, and how far I have to grow. I’m looking forward to it.

    Gringoloco, Helzon: Great work and good luck!


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    IMO it looks like Coro is getting served by the Palumbo this round- but all in all I say Shelly Wan will win this time around.

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    Wow again, seeing these always get me pumped, would have loved to feel this much inspiration last week. Really enjoying these, I'd say some of my favorites are:

    Dutton- tells a great story, nicely executed.
    Nicolas- possibly my favorite of all.. I just love where your art is going, the cartoon adds a great touch, this is something I'd hang on my wall.
    RasselTassel- another top one.. beautiful action with great colors
    shellywan- brilliant color use, great figures, great all around
    joshuathejames- one of my favorite things I've seen from you, love this
    Dave v. Coro- yea... good luck with that judges..blown away by both
    Iconophobia- lovely pallette, lovely scene
    Vyle- you have too much fun
    Joiton- most stylish of all!
    Rusty- lol, summer is a master of atmosphere and lighting effects, but I'd have to give you this match.. great characters

    Anyway, I wanna go draw now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shelly Wan
    WOW~~~~~~ Great pieces! Everyone who showed up really gave their best! Coro's blew my mind, beautiful colors! Icon, Poise! i am so lucky to have met u both, u girls r rocking awesome yet complete different styles. i am happy to see tons of tentacles!! slimy thingys are of late my favorite subject, and i love to see them getting executed differently across the board.

    Awh! ^0^ Shelly my love, I was really lucky to have met you too! Your work is just phenomenal but it's nothing compared to the wonders of you! (.....actually it's pretty even lol) . You did a wonderful job, feel proud of it lady!
    And i'll meet poise eventually, she seems awesome, in fact look at those damn tentacles! damn you're cool! lol Much love ladies!

    and thanks everyone.. I'm still in awe of this place, even as I keep looking I find new things I love about each entry, and just an overall feeling of peace, because everyone here worked so hard on it. It's just lovely

    oh and also..yesss..yess chan man! In fact that should be the topic for the next battle " The coolest stick figures EVER!" XP
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    Hello, just wanted to write some comments because I was very happy and inspired looking at all the creativity from so many people at once. So thanks you, and if you don't mind that's what I feel looking at your images, maybe it will be interesting for you to know. If not just, skip them, no big loss for you. Wrote only because I would appreciate to hear people opinion about my work always, not for any other reason.

    Proteus I was thinking what happened in this picture. It doesn't seem to me it was a prepared action. Two guys up the hill don't have any weapons with them and look like caught suddenly, off guards. I would say a horrible accident happened, one of the rocket suddenly escaped, something went wrong and they stroked one of their own man. The expedition started very badly already, badly planned or executed, probably more disaster to follow.
    I like how beautiful, sunny, shining l and opposite from terrible event in the mood the nature, the landscape looks. So the sudden disaster looks even more startling. No one would 've thought.
    As an funny observation, I don't know any rocket nowadays which can do trajectory like this, a circle, must be some weapon of future.

    m@ Your choice of colors didn't say to me personally much, seems pretty random to me. But composition, body language and face expressions gave my some information. Only one child from the line of these zombie-alike has a human expression on this face, he is the only one who stands out from the crowd, the only one who has his own opinion about life happening around him. His thoughts are somewhere else, in better place, so he is judging the world he lives in, maybe passively so, but he does. So he is the last human, the other are little military robots. Wish you told more about him, where his mind escapes to, looks like his dreams are still pretty close to reality, but brighter.

    poshspice I interpret your image like the one of the crusade knights need to kill his angel in order to accomplish his goals, kill his conscience or compassion. Kind of forget his disgust to murder in order to make the deed.
    It was interesting to see your interpretation of the holy wars. You don't approve as I see it. Strange to see the angel being passive or even helping the missioner to kill his doubts ( her hand in the sword, apparently not stopping). Interesting that you see his angel like this, a seductive woman. I thought they were ascetic puritans, their angel was a beautiful modest diva, unapproachable ideal vision.
    Figure of the warrior is so great.

    strych9ine Hmm, I see, men and women, two parallel worlds, two opposites, coexisting, even sharing a lot but never connecting at total. Sad, I don't want to believe in this, but it is very popular opinion from Bible times, I guess.
    Colors are beautiful, and very tasteful, here, second time you hear that about your art, but I always thought that. These grey, blue and warm brown/ orange are pleasure to look on their own. I like the composition too. and contrast of long smooth brushstrokes with fluffiness of texture.

    SBACHAN Man, like she couldn't do it guietly, this drama queen. Egotistical young lady, she wants her escape to be noticeable and memorable, she wants attention from those who she is leaving.
    The other interpretation is possible though. she doesn't look at the results of her doing, she wanted it to be done, destroyed. It might be she just hates this house, and place and people in there.
    Technically the head is a bit too small comparing to the foreshortening of the arms, looks a bit strange. Wish you use the colors to talk through them too. Those look not very expressive to me. I like the stortytelling though, thought body language.

    DavidSmit Disaster is happening already, just one girl is still interested in what will happen next, the other already got the message. Gruesome mood in the picture. Intriguing too, because you didn't show what makes this city to fall.

    Mr. Visions This is image with a sound. I think you wanted the strict, classical organ music to play in our mind. Because that's how you see the last moment when human soul escapes mortal body shell and streams into narrow tunnel with light on the other end. Into Unknown. No vanity, no fear, no pain, just a final connection with universe. The kind of music is a reminder to us all about the real priorities, IMO.

    robinchyo I don't know why but I feel a sympathy and excitement looking at the escape. And I expect a lot of mess from this eloping killer machine. But it is just so much energy, and speed and impulse and apparent euphoria from success in the colors and figure and composition, so I feel like I'm participating in this. I like how you did it and the whole idea very much. Very good story telling in my opinion.

    yAdam, I looked with interest at your painting, I don't remember seeing an image with such unusual perspective, I admit I didn't see it right away, you need to help a viewer with warmer/ cooler colors a bit to see the deepness of the abyss. I didn't see the small figure firing at creature right away too, and it is this figure that put everything on the proper view. But after I saw it I liked the effect, very cool and kudos to you for trying this very complex perspective. Man hanging on the rope could be a bigger size and closer to us and maybe the angle is not right.
    Overall I think it is a very interesting picture and mood is great, an adventure, scary one.

    Dutton Mike, I think those thunderdomes have a therapeutic effect for you, you are pouring out your worst fears . Very funny and I love the lighthearted young individual. Did the dirty deed (painted a truthful portrait, ahahaha) and I like how he took the outcome, in stride, like a true philosopher, without regrets . Like his light legs in tennis shoes and the whole young, weightless body, gives so much personality to him. He is OK with any outcome, he didn't expect much anyways and he knew that his fast legs will save him one more time . Charming young man and charming image, I saved it. Very witty.
    And I like the figure of rigid high society old hen, hahaha, she's got used to thank her artist herself, right away, without delay. Strong and straight forward personality. . Love the composition, colors and perspective, Wonderful . Striking characters, very opposite to each other. Security on one side and young irresponsibility on the other. They are impossible to like each other.
    Best wished to you and Alex.

    Hyver, Boy, oh boy, I love art, it is like a free ticket to see inside of artist brains. I bet this image is collected from personal impressions and fears.

    So the ugly night spirits were sitting inside the sweet teddy bear and finally succeeded in torturing a poor child, so he helped them to escape tearing his toy apart. I like face of the goblin and were-bear, I just wish you used more sophisticated shades of green for the magic smoke and the face of the witch and her hand look a bit stiff.
    I have Twin Peaks association looking at your image, with BOB residing in most unexpected places and all, you know.

    GriNGoLoCo, This young man has tremendous potentials, thinking about women in any circumstances.

    Helzon Looks like the unlucky thief. I like very many things in your image, mostly the figure of the thief, the coloring of the figure and strange, funny, unusual, witty badger-like creature with furry tummy. It is irresistible. Love it so much. I think it deserve a separate painting and many of them, actually.
    Like how you painted gems and lighting from them. But I think the colors of the main characters clashes with temperature and shades of the the whole image. It looks strange, not well matched to each other in my opinion.

    Johanson Very good anatomy and action in your image and suspense. I think it will be very interesting change of roles next moment between two character.

    nicolas Beautiful colors and effects in your image. I just have an impression that the train stopped suddenly ( one side of it is in clear view, there are not traction from speed or smokes on the side) and the hero is in confusion how to act. He has a chance though, the opposite side looks very slow to move or exhausted..,
    Colors are subtle, and foggy, suggest confusion in the mind of the character for me.

    hurricane, ahahah, very good day for the ugly guys. They caught a big fish. Why did you hide her face, you cruel buddy. Don't you know we all want to see and judge the appearance whenever any girl involved in the story. Looks like a fine female though, from her choice of the shoes.

    I like the foggy forest in the picture and the perspective, although it is a bit strange looking. But I think it is because very sharp outlines on the figures and faces of the foreground characters. It is strange for me to see sharp highlights on them, when I see and feel this dense wet air in the early morning forest. The lighting should be soft, very soft and fog should dissolve everything in it.
    Wonderful energy and speed and humor in you image.

    Have to go. I want to write to all contestants though, a bit later, very grateful for the wonderful show.
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    I'm speakless, really I can't think of what to say that will do any of you justice.
    I laughed, I cryed, I got super envious, pissed, depressed, I fell inlove, and then I fell head over heals. You people are too much sometimes.

    The art that stood out to me with concept, storytelling, and technique were the following...

    Robin: geez! this is a such a strikingly beautiful peice, I never thought robots could be beautiful, but you made it happen.
    Nicolas: I just adore your color scemes, and textures. and haveing the characters at the bottom is always so great. The hero needs to pose and show his manly stature, but the little boy inside is scared to death of that clawed Robot. So great!!
    nacho: I love this, I always love the quiet moment with characters, and this really just makes me all sappy inside, poor kid. Lovely execution, I admire the dreamy quality.
    Shelly: You know I'm going to say the bad first. I want to see this bigger, much bigger. You are so clever, what a story. I really love this peice. I love it because it is so subtle. Not just the fact the bird was set free, but it was not of this man's free will, he is being seduced by these sirens, disguised as ladies. The birds and sirens relateing in myth; they are there to set their own free. Just beautiful story telling Shelly, and wonderful execution.
    Fellah: Damn!!!!! you my man are so damn good. I loved this sequence, simple but very entertaining. Your imagination is so grand it blow my mind, just great!
    ElCoro:You made me laugh then cry the instance I saw the first fire escape painting. At that point I was not looking at your amazeing technique I was in awe by the simple and ridiculous subject matter. It is brillliant, and makes me feel dumb for even thinking that just a fire escape can be so. Then I read 'Literal' and I laughed even harder and cried a little, I'm not jokeing. then I scrolled down and saw an ugly monster woman and a homeless man smoking. My first thought was awe!! SF. Then I read 'Figurative' and my brain took a while to register, and realized again he was smoking, and there was a crazy figure keeping him company. You are Brilliant.

    For those I thought did a great job, and also had awesome concepts, and technique: strych9ine, Poshspice, Dutton, Helzon, Bumskee, Mike, Mainloop, Ninjass, Cotron, Stacydia, AmishCommy, Whoami, Doughbot, redehlert, Loomer, JoshuaTheJames, DavePalumbo, Icon, Joiton, Summer Pudding, Romance, rusty, and Jason Chan.

    I wish everyone good luck.

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    You guys all rock so hard. I really, really mean that. Very inspiring work here
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    Pardon my behavior of being graphic.
    i think i just had a visual orgasm...
    i heard that this lms2 round 2 had amazing images.... but dayyyum
    may the best person win

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    Some Incredibly creatively people here .. eye candy galore

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    I don't want to cop out, but it's all great. Goddamn, but everyone seemed to give 200% this time around. Saved more than a few for desktops, reference etc.

    Everyone, really, my hat is off to all of you. To take a few picks as "first impression" favourites - Jason Chan ( who gets a by into the next round by default?), Iconophobian, Mat Dixon - these all made me look three times. Almost every piece in the round made me look twice.

    Pats on the back all round.

    <edit> And Fellah. And Vyle. And a few others too. Damn, but thats some good Arts.</edit>
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    great stuff!!!

    you all were lucky that i couldn't participate...oh well...

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    , This is incredible, so many great stuff at the same time!!!

    Is a real shame that Fiduose pussed out .

    ( I΄m so very ashamed of mine...)

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    1 Proteus - just a powerhouse start to the comp

    2 Poshspice - A bit stiff but good rendering and idea

    3 DavidSmit - Love the unsurity in the girls expression

    4 Robinchyo

    5 Dutton

    6 Grincoloco - Only one with a comprehendable story but not a great finish

    7 Nicolas - Only for the cartoon at the bottom

    8 Main Loop & Poise - Tough, I'd say Main Loop cause its cool and poises should have more water (amazing render though)

    9 Bumskee & Ghill - Tough round - don't know

    10 Mr. Blonde - Pissed myself laughing at this one, that exclamation hahaha, kian also good

    11 RasselTassel

    12 Cotron - Sah-weet, NINJ_ASSN Too 911, 0kelvin also pretty cool

    13 staceydiana - Cool and original

    14 Ben Mauro & Giovanni - Too tough , perhaps neither fleshed out enough for me

    15 whoami vs viag vs RobRey - Tough round, viag prolly

    16 Dougbot

    17 Nacho

    18 shelly wan - Oh riginality and finish, though I do like gorillagrins

    19 ploboyko? - All too messy

    20 TheBrave - Very cinematic feel, loomer - kind of dead on right side but really good effort

    21 dirty c - Clarity in story, great renders though Fellah and JTJ

    22 DavePalumbo - Disappointed with El Coros entry, kinda nothing new here but lots of work. The literal one seems to be a bad pun and the second one too El Coro

    23 BDFoster

    24 Vyle - should be called battle, Yumiko - LOTR, iolarnula - a bit rough

    25 Snarfevs

    26 Summer Pudding - Great, One of the best

    27 Romance

    28 Jason Chan Jason Chan Jason Chan Jason Chan Jason Chan

    29 Jason Manley - The sea, the great unconscious, now thats where I escape. Matt Dixon should be called the battle, Bowlin's kinda makes no sense to me

    30 Robot - Now this is really cool, should fully render it though, magicgoo - Escape?

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    wow, lots of great work!!

    main loop and poise excellent pieces from the both of you, I think you may have freed up my schedule to pursue other projects
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    KENJI! yours is friggin' sweet. I really like the atmosphere it creates-- like I was telling you in person. you can get a feel for the event that's going on. i can almost feel his fear with the dark surrounding him, and the anger in the guy with chainsaw with all the red surrounding him.

    my favorite! not saying that just because I know you

    really the only thing i don't like is the sort of split composition.

    eric yours is sweet too.

    EDIT: now that I think about it more, having that smaller area of red on the right grabs your focus after looking at the left side and directs you to the second character-- so maybe it's just badass all together.
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    Great job all around guys. Dang, great job as well Dave. Those textures and colors are killin' me. Guess we'll see what happens, but, haha, I know when I'm defeated. If so, good luck in the next round. Ones I responded to where Coro's dynamic duo and Nic, who's presentation and overall execution is straight up delicious. Wish everyone the best, and thanks for the comment, sve, glad you got all that from my piece, it meant alot. I can honestly say those where some of my feelings when doing tthis piece actually. Thanks trev' for callin' me out, too, a well deserved kick in the pants when it comes to color. I felt that for this piece the monochromatic approach fit with the rorshack and songsheet, which where heart to the concept. The concept I was hoping to make this piece shine through, but I'm sure there where a thousand ways to approach it in a more effective way. Now I'm gonna go back and draw. Art books are callin' my name -

    - Visions

    EDIT: Not sure if people could tell, but there are subwoofers on my character's ears. That was a tid bit that got lost (along with some details in the face) because the image posted a bit smaller than I expected - V
    Last edited by Mr. Visions; September 26th, 2006 at 07:07 PM.

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    Thanks to all who mentioned me in their favs. It's an honor to even be competing with some of the guys in this Dome, so standing out in any way is just icing on the cake. Sve, I loved your description of my piece.
    Hyver, best of luck to you! Chaosrocks said it best about your piece; it's definitely got a great creepy edge to it. Wish it was a full three man round, but ah well, gives you and me a little room to breathe, eh?

    And boo on Jason Chan's default win (but congrats on another nicely executed piece). When Cody announced the theme, he should have specified that the competitors themselves were not supposed to escape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draw
    30 Robot - Now this is really cool, should fully render it though, magicgoo - Escape?

    Hehe! Um...well.... you see her eyebrows? You can tell she's very worried.... and um.... tentacles ... and

    Beautiful work, everyone!! I can't even begin to name favorites. They're all amazing. Each and every one of them is BRILLIANT. I love the ideas more than I liked the ones for LMS1. Everyone got so creative this round.

    Awesome! pld:

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    Holy crap, so much amazing work! Is there an echo in here? Oh wait, that's just me. My hard drive is working overtime saving to my inspiration folder right now.

    I have a feeling I'm not making it past this round But I'm glad it's to a piece as nice as Shelly's. Time to get back to drawing, I'm super pumped now.

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    Wow, very impressive everyone. Poise, Icon: sweet, you ladies rock.
    I am quite dissappointed to see so many no-shows (especially the guy that I lost to ) Oh well. At least everyone else came through and really did their best. You guys kick ass.

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