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    Sooo many damn killer entries here!

    My favs:
    Shadoman for content, composition and colors
    -awesome work man!

    Dave Palumbo for skill.
    -awesome render amigo!

    Dirty c, you have it twisted. It took mer a while to figure out what was going on with your image, and man I wish I hadn't. I am curios the statement that you were trying to make and how that relates to the topic.

    Sinix, your stuff just speaks to me. Always has man. Cool work.

    Jason Manley, awesome piece! The setting and simplicity is very moving..

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    Hello again.

    bwkeough, You know looking at your image I think I got there too late and I'm already in the middle of the story. I'm intrigued. It seems to me that a young man is on the mission, like he took a huge challenge to make a breakthrough for his people and creatures ( I think the green ones are on the same side as him, or they are hostages.). The story is not clear for me though, I don't know what he wants to accomplish in the end and from what he wants to escape. I like the suspense, lingering effect. I feel like I'm in the crowd, waiting fro something. I just don't know if those people are desperate, because some pf them are quiet passive observers and I don't see the opposite side.

    Main Loop I love this giant figure moving like a storm through the city. The city is functioning, people go about their business, but it is not the same rhythm, something broken in normal lives of them. They are aware about something abnormal happening, they are trying to protect themselves, wearing new advertised protection from aliens, but from time to time the strange things happened, person near you suddenly feel pain in her heart and burning in her hand and before anyone can do anything she is dead.

    No one understands what's happening, but they know it is beyond their understanding and control, so life should go one.

    The chosen ones are never to be seen again.
    The figure of God or Some kind of Angel of Revenge is beautiful. I'm really glad that you caught this effect, of something surreal and powerful and indifferent to human pain . He goes through the city with almost gentle beautiful smile on his lips. I do have a worrisome feeling looking at your image and in the same time I admire the beauty of this scene. This lighting and free of fear long brushstrokes and transparency create this impression, of something not human, something beautiful and scary.

    Foreground figures spoil effect a little for me though. The gap between them is gap in composition, I wish the rays went farther on through the stricken women. I wish you connected the foreground and BG more. And maybe connect all the objects in the paintings more, there are some empty spaces in the image. I think you need to work on composition more.
    Love your entry anyway. One of my most favorite, I saved it because I never saw anything painted that beautifully and expressively as the figure of the God indifferently destroying the city on his way out.

    Poise, Charming, Tiffany, this is too, one of my favorite images.
    I see lovely curious young Japanese women. There are so many hints on the characters of those lovely girls. They are nosy, curious like little animals, like children to the degree they don't even feel danger. They were apparently raised in best traditional Japanese way, naive, out of touch with reality, sweet, very feminine, very gentle, living in their small beautiful world. Like lovely statures, part of the interior of the house.
    So here the old drawing in the rich house where they live is going through the strange metamorphosis. Huge octopus depicted on it is getting real and pouring out of picture. Huge energy and great feeling of motion in this one. And I like this effect of opposite between fragile elegant figures of the girls and the powerful out if control silhouette of the creature.
    Like the similarity between the two girls. the don't know anything, they were raise to please, so they don't even have any independent feelings and thought from their owner. So sweet and funny.
    Beautiful colors and textures and light effects and composition. Maybe I wish you defined the broken precious vase a bit more, made it look more ancient or expensive, especially the neck of it.
    But nevertheless it is a terrific image, I saved it.

    SprayNation I like colors in your painting and how you did these lighting's effects. Sky is beautiful too. I think the figures look a bit wonky, perspective wrong especially on the girl. The hair is blowing the wrong way too, I think, comparing to the angle of the bike.

    bumskee Wow, this fly is seriously overweight, if it escapes successfully it will be a real miracle, it is out of shape. I like the combination of the red/ orange and this shade of blue. I wish you put some humorous expression on the face of the fly, otherwise it is not much information for viewer to digest. Maybe it would be better to put some highlights on the fly, make it closer to us, separate it more from the BG.

    Ghill That's ultimate escape with no return. I wonder why he took off his shoes before doing this. There could be some story from this. I imagine him taking them off and giving them to first homeless person he saw, just to destroy the last connection to this world for him, he really liked those shoes. No shoes, no regrets. Technically speaking the foreshortening is a bit wrong, in my opinion. Mainly in the size of the feet.

    Mr. Blonde I have mixed feelings looking at your image. I feel disgust and my heart is falling down looking at what those bastard did to the guy in the chair, and I feel like laughing looking at their improvised meeting, with their leader, gesticulating a lot and the less important robots listening to him with bored faces on their back and the robot who are responsible to do all the dirty work is getting all agitated, blinking with huge exclamation mark in total silence. Funny hierarchy, funny structure of society. Very human like and feel robots .

    fedezz Beautiful rendering and colors and motion, I guess the escape is only losing consciousness in this situation.

    kian Really like how rich in nuances your colors are, especially purple/lilac. Beautiful rendering and composition and action.

    MIKECORRIERO I like the slanted bike and water coming through the destroyed bridge and how you did splashes and motion. Good composition of the picture too. I wish you dissolved the ship more in the air to make the painting deeper. I think birds in front of the light source should be more contrasting, almost black, very dark comparing the ones on the blue sky. Maybe some lighting play on the smoke would add to the volume too. And I wish you give me more hints who this guy is. I guess he is some flibustier, out law, maybe bad guy, but very sympathetic somehow.

    Tyranx I'm not sure who is escaping, I see a chase, but I don't see who they are chasing and why. It could be a war or hunt. A little more information about characters would be appreciated.

    RasselTassel Your image is funny in many ways for me. The energy in it is huge, the same in children', boys' drawings of war battles when they are so agitated and passionate. It is is overwhelming and contagious the same way in your image when I look and participate in the action. The peaceful tube full of water prepared for relaxing bath is very funny too. It is really a crazy story. Great motion, but I wish you worked more at it providing you would be able to save all this great energy.

    cotron Beautifully executed and full of meaning image. And I feel strange looking at it. I feel compassion and curiosity and disgust and admiration of the happening. The spirit coming put is really beautiful. And despite the horror and pain of the poor old man the expression of the face
    and body language of the ghost is peaceful. I like the simplicity and elegant execution. So sad and beautiful in the same time.
    It is touching for me personally how people are trying to understand and feel and find rational sense in our existence on the Earth, and how little we know. And how huge and powerful it is comparing to us.

    Ninja_ASSN You caught this feeling of no gravity very nicely.

    My God, what a crazy happening. I think the guy is not in control of the situation, for a change he is a toy and being carried away. Toys look sinister with this lighting, who would've thought. Funny that they are built themselves into a huge transformer. Such a cute faces and such a military looking silhouette. it is funny.

    Amish Commy I'm starting to understand what you meant by saying if I like the first image in the LMS I will like this one too. Heheh. You know me that well already . But I like the sadness in this one. I think the girl is envy of the little canary, the bird is flying away free, the girl is standing restrained. She doesn't have her own will, neither freedom of movement or right to be an owner of her own body. I don't know what is holding her, a promise or debt or dependency, but there is no feelings from her to the person behind her. She is indifferent to him, doesn't feel his touch. She just looks at the flying away bird and wish it was her.

    staceydiana I like sky and lighting in your image. I think there is slight contradiction in a very stylized rider and his horse and the pretty much realistic landscape.

    krytical error Funny little pirate and funny little ship. really like the effect of the half wet letter.
    I wish you did the water more interesting. just a bit too stylised in my opinion, not too much information for eyes.

    Giovanni I like the effect of water everywhere and storm and swaying

    Nose, lips and necklace of the guy in front view are terrific. I wish you separated him a little bit more from the rest of the image. Although it does add to the chaotic feeling from the unusual event.
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    I can't even begin to shout out all of the peices that rock - there are just too many good ones : )

    Poshspice, Dave P, Shelley, Icon, Viag, el-to-the-MF-cee -o- r- oooooh are some of my favorites, but there all good.

    Bring on Round 3!!

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    Like I said before, awesome job everyone! Just wanted to pop back in and give some shoutouts to the pieces that really made my eyes sparkle :-)

    Proteus: Really really nice job on this! I'm getting a major Lost Planet vibe from this image.

    m@: Definetely not what I expected from you. I thought I was going to see some crazy robot action piece, but I'm really happy with what you did here.

    DavidSmit: I love how you handled the buildings here. Also, I like how the characters are obviously in motion, but the gestures are so subtle but effective. The sky is purdy, too!

    yAdam: Jeez man. I like how you utilized the canvas' space. Nice sense of depth you've got here. Kind of got me worried about how things will turn out with the judging. Good luck!

    Dutton: Haha. I showed the tdome entries to a bunch of my art buddies and a lot of them loved your entry (as do I). It's just so playful and funny, and really well done.

    : One of my favorites from you and this round. The train, the cape, and the concept are all top notch. I've always loved your little logos and your little sidebar of toons. Really nice touch. I need to get a print of this!

    Hurricane: Haha. Those hairymen just look incredibly silly! I love their expressions. Nice lighting, too!

    Poise: Awesome concept. Just so awesome awesome. I love octopi and I love this. You need to sell prints of this one, too!

    Bumskee: Another one of my favorites. I honestly don't know what type of character that is that's escaping, but man..the explosion and the flames and the faces..So gorgeous. Some of the best digitally painted flames I've seen in a long time!

    Mr. Blonde: Hahah. The red x. How charming. Is the exclamation mark supposed to be a tribute to Metal Gear? :p

    Mikecorriero: Really nice job on this one. I wasn't sure what to expect from you, considering the fact that you stated you had only had a few days to work on your tdome piece. The 2 suns is my favorite part.

    Tyranx: I'm glad someone did some sort of spaceship dogfighting! Lots of diagnols=lots of dynamicism! The silhouette in the background is killer!

    RasselTassel: Haha. This is so much better than what you first showed me. Aren't you glad I helped you out . I would looove to see this happen in real life!

    Cotron: Man..The soul is just gorgeous. Really nice choice of colors on this one.

    Giovanni: Excellent composition and nice dynamic perspective!

    Viag: Nice epic scene. Excellent use of space and cinematic vibe. The yellow-greens are really beautiful, too!

    Shellywan: Really really really pretty. It's like the kind of painting you'd expect from Mead Schaefer and Charles Gibson. My favorite bit is actually the bird cage, though. I love the soft yellow glow :p

    Loomer: This painting reminded me how much I love your texture work. The monster has a very weird but beautiful texture to it. Makes me want to touch it...and not!

    DavePalumbo: I really hope you get the kudos that you deserve from this one. It belongs in a library. No, it belongs in every library! This actually made me want to get back into reading books. You almost got me!!

    El Coro: Jeez, man. This is like the perfect portfolio piece. It shows off your fine art skills and illustrative skills. Realism and fantasy. And most importantly your interpretational skills. Nicely done!

    Iconophobian: Goodness, these colors are just juicy. It's like you painted this piece with Skittles!

    Vyle: Another epic scene. Did you and Viag word side by side on your tdome pieces? :-p Love the red hair!

    Rusty: Haaha. I can't get enough of this one. Everytime I see it I crack up. You've got some really nice characters in there, but none of them come close to the Fart Ninja. I demand a Fart Ninja illo if you haven't already done one!

    Summer Pudding: Beautiful lighting. Those reflections are killer!

    JasonChan: Very interesting interpretation of the theme. Very simple and very exquisite!

    Matt Dixon
    : First thing that came to mind was Starship Troopers. I love that movie almost as much as I love this!

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    Wow some actually mentioned me

    My favs are prob:
    Dutton: funny
    Nicolas: Love the style
    Mr. Blond: funny
    Whaomi: Nice style
    VIAG: Damn you, love the composition and mood.
    Shelly wan: Nicely done!
    JoshuaTheJames: Nice motion
    Coro: ..... Goddamn.
    JasonChan: Nice rendering.

    And ofcourse Mr.Visions! Goodjob man! Well see who's defeated and who will continue I know our slacker boy James Kei wont (sorry james, I just have to rub it in!)
    Last edited by DavidSmit; September 27th, 2006 at 02:27 AM.

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    THe level of work this time is intimidating as all Hell.

    Palumbo, Jason Chan, Posh, M8... Man, there's some amazing things going on.

    Wicked stuff Fellah and Mr JTJ. Damn, I know exactly what I'd do to mine to keep going with it now - found myself stuck staring at it in the final hours - sigh, the honesty of art produced with a deadline

    Wicked shit everyone!

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    Wow. I'm still pouring over these! So much inspiring work! True sensory overload. Shadoman, Gloominati, way to bring it with the tough competition! Great job, everybody! I'm just glad to have taken part in it.

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    pure gold, great work all, its always great to see what people come up with for these ^^

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    Ohhhh my god... that's it...

    just got reanimated because of the amazing art O.D. I just did

    Dave Palumbo - wow... no words, I m just mesmerised
    My Internal Organs ... my "sketchbook"
    To visit my portfolio,
    my best friend

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    damn, how could i miss this! so much great art! can´t even say who´s my favourits, too many!

    Last Man Standing 2 • Round Two • Matches 1-30 (HUGE D/L)

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    i fucking love ninja_ASSN's painting, just feels like a shot out of a movie i would reaaally want to see.

    Other faves were jason manleys, shelly wans, and the nose of iconophobians horsey!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poshspice
    Yup, some jolly excellent stuff here! SBACHAN and Cody, it's an honour to be in a trio with you!

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    totally insane entries... The overall level is just amazingly high.
    My favs being Coro and Jason Chan.
    Jason Manley: great to see you post a painting, more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyle
    totally insane entries... The overall level is just amazingly high.
    My favs being Coro and Jason Chan.
    Jason Manley: great to see you post a painting, more!

    indeed... Jason.. MORE.
    coro... frate... that is dope. literaly...

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    The official judging panel has been decided, and I'm happy as hell all of them are lending their time to help us out. Big thanks os due to them... your artwork is in very capable hands now.

    Aleksi, DSIllustration, Imp Head, Irene Gallo, and Living Rope, thanks!

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