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    Blizzard Contest Entry

    Saw everyone posting theirs....and thought, why not?
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    Hi, Scott. Long time no chat .
    Yeah , it is bizarre, I would say it is close to being crazy. Especially the sawed off incisors of the boar. And the screens shielding his eyes and the fact that they both might be on fire next moment.
    Looked again the incisors really make me feel nauseous and create antipathy to the rider. I think it is his way to be funny.
    Canon looks very nicely painted and I like how you painted it in perspective. the only note is the composition. It is right in the middle of the page, very well balanced by figure of the aggressive little person, but not very exciting. The colors too creates subdued, quiet effect.
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    that is really pimp stuff, the only thing that reall bugs me is the tusks of the animal, they are doing the opposite of what they should do. and that is getting wider as the tusk goes on, and well normally its wide at the start and thins out as the tusk goes along.
    so that it doesnt look awkward, and doesnt fall out.

    great stuff though, love the cannon.

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    You haven't updated anything in a long while, man. Nice to see something from you again. Lemme start off by saying how awesome that beast is. Meaty in all the right places. Its a good mount. That rider is a little distracting though, perhaps because he is not treated with the same level of finish as the rest of the creature. Still, not a big distraction from the good design. Best of luck, mate.

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    Agghh, I´m still mad at Blizzard for not including gobbos as a playable race!!!

    Nice picture man, love the boar, but lukavi is right, the rider needs a little more attention .

    Everything looks great from the design view point. too, love the cannon, looks functional.

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    Thanks for the crits guys....I'm always taken aback(in a good way) by a fresh eyed critique. If you guys wanna' see some of the preliminary sketches that were getting knocked around before I went for the finish you can see them in my sketch journal. Didn't think they were appropriate for this thread, so there they are. I have some more concept sketches to show but it would take too long to scan... hopefully I can add them later.


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    Hey there. That's a great piece of art you've got there.

    I love the rendering and design. I'm in no position to give valid critique for work of this calibre but thought I'd offer just a few stupid nitpicks though:

    Shouldn't the horde logo have a kind of a rhombus-shape in the middle?

    You could offer some more love to the goblin I guess(looks great nonetheless) o.0

    Nothing major but the photoshop brush-grass is bugging me a bit; maybe get in there with a new grass type brush or refine it with a normal hard edged one. - image portfolio

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    Are the clouds just painted with a spatter/sponge brush? It looks like they're made real simple, but the effect is great. Nice one.
    I can agree with the composition remarks. It's clearly some sort of action picture, but there's no tension or movement at all. It seems almost calm.
    I love the design and the execution though.

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    Now that’s a sweet piece right there. I like the rendering on the wild boar and the colors are looking nice, very soft and subtle. The rider is looking good; I like the expression on his face. Great job on getting in those small nitpicky details, looks like you did your research, everything looks functional and has its own purpose. I saw the preliminary sketches and they are equally badass, they show a lot of your thought process, you prolly did a whole bunch of those ideations. critwise, I would say the mood is calm, maybe more tension, but I like it the way it is. Did you submit this on the initial due date or the extended due date? Good luck on the contest.
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