San Francisco/Bay Area company, 3D Entertainment Studios, is looking for a motivated individual to take the lead art position, Art Director/Creative Services Manager, for a Flash-Based role playing game. (game details are below, including technical demo)

This individual will control the artistic direction for the game. Responsibilities will including designing characters, monsters, concept art, environments, backgrounds, objects, visual effects creation and more. They would help build a team of artists and manage all contract/freelance work done.

Interested applicant's should have experience with project management and manging multiple art resources. Experience working software products such as Adobe Photoshop or equivalent products required. Experience with Adobe/Macromedia flash or Experience with 2D Animation a bonus.

Project: TownShip101
Genre: Web-based Role-Playing Game
Technical Details: Developed using Flash 8, MySQl, PHP, Photoshop CS, and more
Demo Link:
Project TimeFrame: 2007

Please read our "Minimum Requirements" before applying.
Perform a Phone Interview with Company Owners.
Sign a N.D.A. (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
Please note that "Compensation" will start with company equity assignment and move into a paid position. More details on this are provided during the phone interview.
Attend monthly Bay Area meetings in person or remote via Phone.
Be active online for forum posting and discussion.

Interested parties should send a portfolio or a link to an online portfolio, Demo Reels or previous work to the link below.

Interested? Post here, or send an email to