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    Cool Northern California Illustration

    Hello everyone! Suffice to say this is my first post. I'm hoping to get some opinions on education so here it goes:

    Right now I'm 23 and about to transfer with my general education to Humboldt State University, California. I already live up here but I'm at a bit of an impasse.

    My primary focus is illustration with the hopes that I will one day publish a graphic novel which I've been writing for about a year now. I'm not locked into such an idea but it is one of my goals. I have very little formal training and after reading a lot of posts about bad experiences with art schools I'm a little more frightened of the prospect.

    Now, I could go to the university and I suppose my major would be "Art, Studio" with classes emphasizing illustration as well as more traditional media such as painting... but the downside is that while I've heard great things about the program it is still a state university. So there will be a much broader focus as that is the point of education like that.

    It isn't beyond me to move but I do not come from a very wealthy family, nor do I have much to offer (edit) financially. (/edit) However, this doesn't necessarily negate my ability to go somewhere good. I don't mind a huge debt if I'm getting something out of it. To put my situation in perspective, I have a monthly rent of 625 for a two bedroom apartment where I live, and it's actually a nice place. However I almost die when I look at the cost of living in San Fransisco which kind of sucks because that seems to be where all the schools decided to be and by the time I move (a year or so) I'll be married.


    A) What are your opinions on public university art programs?
    B) What schools would you recommend for illustration in North California, or other locations?
    C) Has anyone got information about such an education in a place like Sacramento? (Decent sized city, my family lives there, a lot of variation in pace unlike the busy busy busy LA and SF areas)
    D) Is it even necessary to have a formal education? I've considered the idea of maintaining my own curriculum as well as attending HSU to suppliment it. However it seems like finding work would become much more difficult.

    Any critizism, ideas, and opinions would be welcomed.
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    hi mate! you have the reason most of the good schools are in san fran and its not cheap to live there but its really so expensive to ahieve your dreams??for me planing going there( and im from spain)people here think im crazy but....we have to fight for our goals havent we??
    good luck

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    i think the best three options out in the bay area are academy of arts, expressions and the art institute. the academy is prob by far the most expensive but i think you will be pushed the hardest there. expressions is nice because it is right next to pixar, and being a 2 year impacted program it is relativly cheap however along with ai they are relativly new programs i believe. if you can go down to art center in pasedena.

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