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  • CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon Supervlieg

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    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

    Arrakthura - The Weapon
    inpired from J Absinthe's post in the suggestion thread. Thx J Absinthe

    A weapon hunted by all.
    A weappon with a will of it's own, that merges with the true virtues and sins of the one who helds the handle.
    Some say it talks.
    Some say it can look you in the eye.
    Some say it's like a sword others... describe it as a cannon... it has so manny shapes no one can say what's true.
    Some say it has God's powers and will.. some say it's forged by devil and only serves the evil.
    If you can, noble artist... tell us, SHOW US... Arrakthura...
    Now... concept!


    Topic elements:
    remember, It's a character... not just an object

    1 = It's a weapon.
    2 = Can be handled by man.

    Make sure your picture contains these - you will receive 3 VOTES for each topic covered.
    4 extra votes will be offered for the description.

    and the winner is: Andrew Ley

    (for the new people)
    (the selection is based on technical quality criteria)
    (i really try to do this every time)
    I am trying to set this as a professional demand. I act as the client...
    Oblio is always looking for feedback - If Oblio is wrong - tell him so.
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    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

    The Arrakthura was bred by biological engineers as a future weapon for the army. It is a selfcontained walking, thinking and most of all, energy ball shooting weapon. The arrakthura can be ridden by man, even if it purely for directional purposes. Once the Arrakthura has locked onto its target the human rider had little to no influence on the walking weapon. Best bet is to get of as soon as possible because the Arrakthure tends to jump right into the heat of a battle. Since its shielding and other parts heal very quickly and because it was engineered to feel no pain the Arrakthura is considered one of the worst foes to meet on the battlefield. The bioframe is enhanced by some mechanical parts. The eyes are fitted with all kinds of extra sensory machines allow it to see in the dark and sense heat. It also has a digital aiming view mounted on its nose/barrel for long distance aiming. The Arrakthura rarely uses this, it prefers to get close on the target and blast away.

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    Just messing around tonight with the idea - I liked that the weapon could be parasitic in nature, and somewhat organic... I'm messing with the idea of making it a parasitic alien species that transforms itself into weaponry. (Is that cliche??) The final will have an "action shot" and a more elaborate story - not something static like this.

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

    (edit - and another!)
    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon
    (trying to get more of an armor concept out too - plus i bought new pencils today )

    Here's my story:

    Arrackthura (meaning "of the Arrack civilization") is actually a parasitic alien species that landed on earth thousands of years ago. Some say it is the root of most, if not ALL mythological weapon stories, from Brahmastra of Hindu myth, to the Ark of the Covenant itself. The species needs a host body to survive - and the more hosts it consumes, the more its deadly power grows. It calls out to its victim, in a seductive telepathic song that only the chosen can hear. Once Arrackthura has attached itself to its host, the only thing that can seperate them is death.

    It feeds off of hunger for power, greed, and violent thought. Although the parasite and host are always connected, once Arrackthura senses an impulse into any of these devious channels, it envelops the host's body immediately with a tough organic armor, which is very much alive and can react to the slightest movements. Because Arrackthura comes from an advanced species, it perceives movement and reacts far faster than humans are capable of - giving it an unfair and devastating advantage over its opponent. At a second's notice, it can turn into whatever will deal the most devastating blow, while fending off attacks on its host as well.

    A secretive order has been keeping Arrackthura alive for centuries, for use in their ultimate plan for world domination. They have bred an army of children over time, all engineered to be mentally void of any devious thought. They are nicknamed "The Innocents" and they are charged with being Arrackthura's keeper. Because the parasite cannot use its deadly powers on these children, it simply sucks their bodies into dry shells.

    The time has come - Arrackthura has lost its taste for Innocent flesh, and has been contained for too long. It is calling out to feed on what it loves most - the war monger, the killer, the demon.

    A little dramatic maybe, but I was bored at work More sketches coming soon too...

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    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

    "Arrakthura, the horrible weapon was alive, I tell you. The man who held it had no face; his eyes dim burning holes behind his mask, wielding the great and terrible assembly with one great arm, the other a shattered stump capped by a silver medallion. He had paid greatly for the power he now used to cut a great wide swath through our ranks, as evinced by his flesh's unholy, fetid pallor and the keloid scars dotting his remaining arm. In order to loft the powerful assembly, it had been made enormous, thick and knotted as a tree trunk and flexing in thick bunches as he drove the very steel of hell into man after man, crippling, maiming and killing in single blows. The weapon had grown to his immense fist, veins visibly driven into the mass of flesh at his forearm, puslating with a life not of this world.
    There were only a handful of the hundred of us who survived that encounter. None of us could stay with the army from that day forward; even now the sickening swings of the cursed weapon cast a chill over my memories.

    -Gustav Antonin Malachek,
    His Majesty's Third Infantry, retired"
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    GAAAAAHR!!!! I seriously need to stop coming here. Everytime I do I feel the urge to participate and everytime I come here, I have a more than full scedule for the coming 2 weeks...

    a few times I could resist, but this time I'm giving in-the topic is too good to be true...

    I'm in....

    CUUUURRRRSSEEE you, oblio!! CUURRRSE you for making me abuse coffee and ignore my need for sleep!!


    WIP- wish I would have had more time, but work kept me busy...

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon


    "arrakthura"- according to the Scryggian dictionary, the term roughly translated means "deadly hand puppet". In fact, it is a powerful biomechanic weapon with a will of its own - a heavily armoured "NORZ"-maggot. A scryggian scientist once enhanced this creature with a unique acid-plasma blaster and several tools to disembowel the enemies of the one who wears it in order to create a biomechanic frontline weapon for the army. The creature killed the scientist in an accidental defense reaction before it could be completed and vanished.

    the "NORZ" maggot is known to attach itself to the extremities of other creatures, feasting on hormones and blood until the host dies from exaustion. according to legend, arrakthura is different, creating a perfect symbiosis of host and parasite, following the will of it's wearer. still, the host has to be very strong in order to feed both him and the parasite.

    survivors of arrakthura attacks are very few, but those who encountered the parasite and its host, describe it to be rather silly in appearance, a piece of junk with big teeth and dumb eyes looking around for targets. some even claim to have heard something like a gruesome sound ("BLAAAHRRRRGH" to be exact), before the weapon attacked, but this part of the legend can be excluded, since "NORZ"-maggots dont have any organs to articulate themselves.

    "How do you know you're good enough?" "You know." "What if you're wrong?" "You find out."

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    Arrakthura WIP (final will look nothing like this )
    Many have long hunted for the perfect cuppa. Legend has told of a teapot witha will of it's own that will pour the perfect brew determined by the virtues or sins of it's wielder. Many say it talks and will conversate while you sip your tea. It will look you in the eye and tell you it loves you. But all is not what it seems, for when it's beholder is in danger it can take the shape of many weapons depending on what the wielder asks for. It has gods powers but can easily persuade the user to become evil, many say it drives the wielder to the point of suicide, allowing another curious victim to fall under its spell.

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

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    yay! another kickass topic with kickass people drawing it up. I'll take a stab at it.

    edit: WIP sketch, procrastination, oh yeah.

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

    edit: Finally finished. Fishspawn said it looked like a moon, and a moon crashing into something is way cooler than a huge explosion, so I went and got some ref at, and made a moon. Logistically, he probably couldn't stand there if a moon were really crashing anywhere within sight, and if a moon were more than halfway in the ground, it would probably kick up more dust, and/or have destroyed itself, but it was fun. Uhm godlike powers maybe?

    Description: When I first laid eyes on it, I could feel the power emanating from the armored gauntlet. I had heard the legends, the ones that told of the weapon Arrakthura. I knew that to bear this weapon, one's arm would be consumed to feed its hunger. A small price to pay for the priveleges of a god. I have traveled the universe, always destroying, obliterating, at the urges of Arrakthura. I can barely feel the shriveled husk of what used to be my arm, and when my arm is no more, will Arrakthura abandon me? I deserve no less.

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon
    S S G 2 9
    -Fishspawn-Blue Severin- rayk-

    You're an artist, not a meat camera. -Elwell

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    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

    Arrakthura Possession

    You are the weapon. Wield responsibly.

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    The Weapon

    Its beautiful forms dance over its surface until it is claimed by anyone brave or foolish enough to attempt to wield it.

    Once grasped it can take on the form of almost any weapon the user can imagine.

    Gradually the weapon consumes its master growing ever more powerful

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

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    dont take this to the poll
    but i did al li could today
    finger is almost totally healed so i figured id give it a go
    ill finish it in a day or 2 but hope you like it
    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

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    gaah.. Ley, Lukavi beautiful works guys

    man I've been wanting to do these CHoWs for a while now and I think I just might have to start up on this one; such a great topic how could I pass up the chance? hehe

    alright finished mine up; here's the initial doodle I used

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

    and here's the final piece

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

    Arrakthura is often mistaken for a great sword or a massive cannon; this is because all who have seen Arrakthura being used have mistaken it for what was in the wielder's hands. The true appearence of Arrakthura is much different than many would expect: it's a beautiful flowing cloth, one which seems to smoothly flow around the user. Moving with the cloth are 7 small lights, which seem to dance with the cloth as it flows. As with all cloth, Arrakthura bends to the will of the one using it. Thus, with the great power bestowed by Arrakthura, deeds of mercy and malice often occur as the cloth travels from owner to owner.

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    my contri

    For mi arrakhatura trasform persons in weapons , transform life for the death ,change your destiny.
    oh name..thchx sorry

    the weapon transforms, the weapon changes, the weapon is the girl and the cube is all
    arrakhatura , does not form .

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

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    WIPs can be seen in my sketchbook.
    Sorry this looks rushed, nearly ran out of time.
    Final Image

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon


    Arrakthura, the weapon... no one knows who created it, but it is said to grant immeasurable power to whoever chooses to wield it. The wielder also undergoes a physical transformation in order to handle this great power. Over time, Arrakthura begins to take over the wielder's body by mapping out its energy webs over the wielder's entire body. Arrakthura even goes as far as materializing a Helm of Silence to further control the wielder (now victim). Thus, the victim can not speak of or warn others of the dangers of Arrakthura. The more people that are killed while in this stage, the stronger Arrakthura becomes. Until finally, once the victim's energy is nearly exhausted, they become one Arrakthura. Thus begins the wait for another wielder (or victim). Sometimes when Arrakthura is not being handled, you can hear the screams of those who sought it out for its power, still trapped inside.

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    Arakthura, the weapon is an imp from hell imprisoned in the shell of a very nasty weapon. His only desire is to cause mischief and delights in cutting men down and blowing things up.
    This weapon is prized for it's effectiveness. When the weilder pleases the imp with a particularly terrible strike, the imp punps opiates into the weilder. This adiction makes the weilder the willing slave of the imp, making his master Mephistopheles proud.
    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon
    rakkthuralomn0.jpg[/IMG]CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

    Sorry low bandwidth/low resolution.Where's the attachment manager?!
    Brian LeBlanc, Fantasy Illustrator.

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    Vyrmillian - Nice idea.


    Oil paitning + Paint shop pro 8

    CHOW #41 - VOTING- Arrakthura - The Weapon

    Arrakthura, legendary weapon of iron jungle.

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