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    My First Post -Photo/Art?

    Hi everybody?

    How's it going?

    First of all this site is great I love all the beautiful and creative pieces (I have spent hours just checking out the posts). This forum is truely inspirational.

    I don't know if I would feel right in calling this art. It's not art compared to all the great hand made stuff on this site. But I have taken an artistic approach my work.

    This is photo realisitic interpretation of Thraduil's gate from the Hobbit. My next project is Conversation with Smaug I found this web site whilelooking for pics of dragons to study anatomy. This has still got some work to be done on it but it's coming along nicely the foreground is complete.

    My First Post -Photo/Art?

    This picture was created using many different stock photos. I created the staircase from scratch it used to be the outside of a bank. I only use stock photos to create the images you see (aside from lighting effects) because the finished product is meant to look like a photograph. Though it does make a nice painting.

    Earlier version as a Fresco:

    My First Post -Photo/Art?

    I got bored and animated the river of the fresco. It's much to big to post (9 mb I think). I really like the way it turned out and I think I will do an animated version of the finished product.

    Thanks feel free to critisize (constuctively ).

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    It's ok for a photomanip, but there's a lot of disageement with the lighting. There's very bright light coming through the trees but the underside of the leaves aren't darkened, nor are the trees shaded. Take a polygon lasso (with feathering) and lower the brightness of certain areas that should be in shadow.

    Just a note as well: photomanips usually don't get a very warm reception around here. This site is mainly for creating art from 'scratch' and most manipulators are flamed into submission. this one at least shows imagination, so I hope it doesn't recieve a negative welcome.

    EDIT: filters are also highly flamable material, so use them with EXTREME caution. Actually, it's best not to use them at all

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