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    Question about Painter 9 and 7...

    I've used Painter 7 for several years now, and taken shots at the later versions but I've always been partial to 7. Recently I got a Mac required by my school that came with 9 for free... actually, my question was if anyone uses the tool called 'brushy' on 7, and if there is an equivalent on 9. It's my favorite tool, and I haven't been able to find anything like it on 9... which was kind of disappointing. I know I can try to create it, but I don't have much experience with that and I figured I'd see if you guys know about something I don't before I try to make my own.

    Muchos gracias in advance.

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    I'm not sure if this is the exact same brush but on the Painter 9 CD in folder: Extras/Painter 5 Brushes/Brushes/. There is a brush called "Brushy".

    Copy the entire Painter 5 Brushes folder to Brushes folder at the root of the Painter 9 installation folder. I've got the PC version so the instructions may be different.

    Good luck.

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    NOTE: After typing this post, I read rogfa's suggestion and though you could do that (as long as you have the Painter IX CD which you may not depending on your Painter IX version), it's not necessary to copy the entire Painter 5 brush library to Painter IX if all you want is one brush variant (or even a few brush variants).

    Since you have Painter 7, you're in luck because you not only have the Brushy variant, it's an XML brush variant file and it can also be used in Painter 8 and Painter IX (IX 9.1 and IX.5).

    Installed with Painter 7 are the brush library folders:
    • Ver4
    • Ver5
    • Ver6

    These are the default brush libraries for Painter 4, Painter 5, and Painter 6.

    The Brushy variant is found in two of these brush libraries, in the following locations:

    Painter 7 > Brushes > Ver4 > Brush (brush category folder)
    Painter 7 > Brushes > Ver5 > Brush (brush category folder)

    The Brushy variant is a Captured Dab brush variant which means the brush dab is based on an image so you'll need to copy both of these files:
    • Brushy.jpg (the Captured Dab image file)
    • Brushy.xml (the brush variant file)

    Now go to the following Painter IX application program folder and paste the two copied files:

    Corel > Corel Painter IX > Brushes > Painter Brushes > Oils (brush category folder)

    You could paste them into another brush category folder but this will work, so try the Oils brush category first since you're new to Painter IX.

    Good luck!

    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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    Thank you sooo much... you guys are fantastic!

    And here I was mourning the passing of my best friend brushy... this makes my day. Many many thanks.

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