Sketchbook: Gloominatis stuff -January 28th

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    Flaskpost- thanks dude! yepp, it's Painter X

    algenpfleger- thanks dude! It would be awesome to see soem traditional paintings in your thread, looking forward to it!

    seth- thanks! Gonna take a look on this guys suit again!

    snobby- thanks man! I am from Rheinberg, quite a small town, near Duisburg/Oberhausen/Essen.

    So here we go again. before I forget it again, here's the link to teh references I am using these days. The photos are veeery old and the high contrast screwes a lot of information especially in teh eye-regions, but the pictures are still evry useful to get to see some individual faces

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    Finally Finished

    Da sketchbook
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