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Thread: The Federal Reserve, IRS, and You

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    The Federal Reserve, IRS, and You

    (or... understanding the history of U.S. currency and how you are being deceived into slavery...)

    I just heard of a new movie coming out called America:Freedom to Fascism, by Aaron Russo. This movie is about the designed financial redistribution of wealth that is ongoing in this country and effects every single person in this forum. The link below is a revealing interview with the director...

    I've found some clips of his film around the net and it's mind blowing in it's implications... I encourage all of you to check watch both the interview and the movie.

    (and I don't want this to devolve into another political flame war... I really just want to get this info out there as it has such important implications to all of our future.)
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    (it's not only america..)

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    After a bit of thought, what scares me is him. seems to really be "out there".
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    Hmm, he's somewhat sane up to the point he says that it's a big scheme to make a world bank and that's why we don't shut down the borders..........
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