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I would like to invite you to our upcoming exhibition that may be of interest to you. Tripping The Light Fantastic, The Exhibition of Fine Art Photography showcases the latest display of fine art photography by artists from all over the world. Images are available at .

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Amanda Aaron
Public Relations Coordinator
Agora Gallery

530 West 25th Street, in Chelsea, New York

Tripping the Light Fantastic: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography

The multi-faceted styles and interests of contemporary photographers are on display at Agora Gallery’s annual Tripping the Light Fantastic. The variety of natural forms and soulful vistas captivate the interests of photographers Terry Amburgery, Enrico Cortesano, and Randall Harris; their works often feature the dance of light and reflection.

Beth Parin’s works are visually seductive, incorporating Ansel Adams-style vistas coupled with Surrealist intrigue. Australian photographer, Rebecca Devereaux creates iridescent portraits of plants and flowers by zooming in to remove all traces of context in a celebration of the complexity and elegance of natural forms.

Mirko Angeli and Erique Crusellas Prieto focus their efforts on urban themes and consumer culture, ranging stylistically from the mysterious to the surreal. The most painterly photographer in the exhibition is Christian Egger, his images are starkly reminiscent of the Abstract Expressionists. Egger’s photos are created by working the surface of the photographs with a variety of tools, his favorite being a surgeon’s scalpel.

The photography of T.R. Bishop and Tommaso Leto both center around the inescapable effects of time on ordinary materials. For both artists meaning is imbued solely by the materials being photographed, a stunning visual selection of the struggle between construction and destruction. Nicole Loverso photographs a variety of subjects, some natural and some man-made. By reducing her concept to its most essential elements Loverso allows for multi-layered readings and a meaningful interaction between the audience and her work.

From September 20 through October 10, 2006, Agora gallery presents Tripping the Light Fantastic in SoHo, 415 West Broadway. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, September 21 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Tripping the Light Fantastic: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography