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    Angry Where's my artwork?

    Hi all! I recently joined this site and I'm having problems viewing my artwork, and it seems I'm not the only one...

    I've uploaded my work and when I clicked on my Gallery button to view it, all I saw was the page buttons but, no artwork! I have seen this on other people's pages and I don't know what's going on! Anyone have any ideas? Is it due to having differing resolution sizes, where i may have not reduced one image to 72dpi? HEEELLLPPPP!!!!!

    That's another point...I tried clicking on HELP...and it didn't help! It only has html help. Where's the help I need, instead of asking you guys? What's going on Does anyone know? Why doesn't HELP actually have help for this or any actual problems?

    Thanks for reading, I hope I get a response.

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    First of all, you posted this in the wrong thread. Second, I'm not sure if the Gallery feature is working yet. This site is still undergoing some renovation. What you should do is start a thread in the sketchbook section, and use the attachment feature to upload your artwork. good luck, and welcome to
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    Thanks for the reply, I'll try that, cheers!

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    FAQs and stickies are awesome.

    You should make friends with them.

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    none of these issues are adress in the FAQs or STICKies
    if im wrong please please direct me.
    this is a wide spread problem and a sticky saying new Ca members.....shut up and be patient its not your imagination...but we are aware of it so chill.
    would be a great thing and save alot of anoyance to other members such as yourselves
    this site is free and i think everyone is very respectfull and greatfull.
    i know i certainly am...i think we are all just very eager to have our work shown.
    and shared.For a month i have been directing users to my website when i would like to share. with no peep form other user as to where this information was previously posted
    im sure this was all detailed in depth the week before i showed up.

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