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    Creature bear tiger, rawr!

    All right, a "long time" ago, I had this school project, which indicated doing some anathomy studies. And I took it a step further, and made the best drawing I've ever done so far in my life. And it took a scary amount of hours to get all the details look decent. :o so, what do you guys think of it? =)

    Creature bear tiger, rawr!

    And, of course, the colored version of it;

    Creature bear tiger, rawr!

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    Whoa! pld: The lineart is amazing! And the creature looks fantastic, the cow ears and the horns looks a little out of place, but it doens't matter really as the linework is so good.

    About the colored version, it doesn't look like you gave it as much attention as the lineart. The colors looks good, they work together nicely, but it looks a little rushed. I'd add some more highlights and details to it.

    Good job
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    the colors do look flat. the horns atop its head seem to just show up.. and the cow-type ears really detract from its ferocity. but it is a good design nonetheless - JAG
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    Cool creature!


    The rear leg looks very thin at the joint
    The creature looks scared
    The horns don't stand out from the fur
    Colors are a bit flat... If you would add a background and determine a lightsource you can easilly solve this.

    Keep going!

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    A very nice concept but I think you're losing some of the form in the torso of the creature. The front right shoulder/leg gets a bit ambiguos as to the structure and anatomy as does the chest. The tail is running along the edges of the rear knee, thigh and belly. I think this is sort of contributing to the flatness. Also the head just seems to be planted on flatly and not connected to a neck.

    I think if you were to change the sillouette of your drawing, it would make the finished piece much more clear.

    Here's your current sillo...

    Creature bear tiger, rawr!

    With some small changes...

    Creature bear tiger, rawr!

    Check out some photo reference of similar animals, sketch at the zoo,(if there's one around) and check out some animal drawing books. I like How to draw animals by Jack Hamm, The Art of Animal Drawing by Ken Hulgren and How to Draw Animals by Famous Artists School,(a collection of different artists).

    Hope that helps some.
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