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    thanks for the replies
    daraf; glad you like
    asoir: thanks, and to quote napolian dynamite " theres more where that came from if you take me to the dance", well Im working on another..

    soja; more pen eh, can do
    dtran; thanks dennis, I agree 100 percent abput the strokes. is this any better?
    5 stars eh? what moniter are you viewing these on?thanks
    craig houghton
    yes, brian froud is a huge inspiration. His stuff is beautiful. very much appreciated
    Lee, thanks:

    well its been stinking hot these last couple days.
    Last 2 days have been 40 degree celcius days.
    Its hard to muster up the strength to draw in the heat, and overally I didnt produce a lot, mostly pathetic doodles.
    ANd I finally got my design studio press books( thank God)
    they are-
    concept design 2
    Skillful Huntsman
    and Mas creaturas
    all great books, and very inspiring

    note the figures are studies from kevin Chens class
    and note the scan zoom lol

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