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    Unhappy portfolio for awards contest - strengths vs diversity

    yo, i'm a lurker but i'm not getting any replies to this at eatpoo so i figured i'd try here.

    i'm getting together a portfolio for a senior artist awards competition thing. they asked for 10 pieces - 5 that share a common theme / medium and 5 showing 'diversity'. the first 5 are all editorial illustrations like the kind one might find in a magazine about aspects of modern society, digital and done in a consistent style. right now, I think it would most highlight my talents if the other 5 pieces i submitted were digital illustrations as well - different styles, graphic design, life drawing, concept art, representational paintings, vector art. but would it be more diverse if i included traditional media pieces even if they don't necessarily show my strengths and consistent personal esthetic as well as having all digital pieces?

    my main fear is that the judges will all be old farts of the "WTF SI COMPUTUER ART THAT ISNT MAED OF PAINT U OBVIOUSLY CHEATED, FAIL" vein, in which case trad media might make the difference between winning and losing, but I just don't want to shoot myself in the foot. looking at last year's winners, all but one of them used only traditional media which doesn't really surprise me, but it seems like most of them stuck with consistency over diversity using the same media and themes for all 10 pieces. but I want feedback from people who have done this kind of stuff before. here is a page of previous winners if it helps.


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    I'd say play to your strengths. Either they're going to like the sort of stuff you do or they're not, and putting in anything less than your best work just to show diversity isn't going to help.

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    When they say diversity they don't necessarily mean social diversity-- in fact, I would almost just ignore that if I were you. I think that's their way of saying 'be imaginative, don't just give us the first thing you think of drawing'...

    Be creative.

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