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Thread: Photoshop color mixing question

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    Photoshop color mixing question

    I finally understand color. I understand the concepts of hue, saturation and value and now I am able to mix any color in photoshop (without using the sampler tool that is.) and I am pretty much dead on target with acuracy. Now I noticed that photoshop uses grays in order to produce a vast amounts of different colors. If I was to use that method in traditioanl media (oils, acrylics, etc) would I get the same results?

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    Errr, what?

    You 'mix' colors in photoshop? Photoshop uses grays to do wha?
    I think I can probably help you, if I can understand what you're talking about...
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    All I'm saying is that Photoshop color "CHOOSING" is nothing like mixing actual paint. Do you even get green when mixing yellow and blue in PS?

    Also, you posted in the wrong section. We have a section called "photoshop".
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    this is really good question. I am learning colour and I can mix colours traditionally. When I mix blue and yellow I get green but in PS I get very unsaturated green . Feels like grey have been added there . Very strange
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    I am in the same situation with color mixing. Nice to know it's a common problem. There have been others that say you can change the color modes and use blending layers and alot of technical steps, however there must be a simple way to do it. I've been playing with a 60-75% percent flow with p.sensitivity and I still get the unsaturated grey much like the results that have been mentioned here so far.
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    So this old topic got bumped, just gonna say...change the mode to LAB mode

    But the answer to the question is not really. RGB uses a different mode of adding colors while traditional tools tend to use the opposite.

    Subtractive mixing vs Additive mixing
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