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    Best Ovens or kilns

    I guys, i need to buy and oven or kiln for SS sculpture (its large and has taken quite some time to do) i cant have anything happen to it other than it bake nicly!

    Also im in the UK and i cant find any of that mesh stuff that you lot use, so does anyone know where to get it here in the UK.

    any help appreciated.

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    when you say ss, sculpture do you mean super sculpey?
    how large is large?
    you dont want to buy a kiln if your using super sculpy.
    find the biggest, second hand domestic oven you can find and bake away!!!
    but again, how large is your piece??? it may not fit in a conventional oven.
    if thats the case you may want to try curing your sculpey with a heat gun (used for removing paint from house exteriors)
    have plenty of ventilation and be carefull not to burn the sculpt.
    as for the mesh!!!!!
    i was blown away when i saw smelly bug using it in his tutorials
    i didnt even know the stuff existed.
    im in australia and have never seen the stuff in stores,ive never looked but will be next time im in the hardware store.

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    There's a couple of options...

    First, you could cut it in an area that wouldn't be seen too much, then after it's baked, you could just pin it back together, use epoxy glue to glue the metal pins (rods, wire, etc.) to make it sturdy again.

    If you don't like that option, try making an extension to your oven.
    You can use heavy-duty aluminum foil for this.
    First make a wire (or wooden) frame that will support the aluminum foil, (which isn't heavy at all, but still needs support, then wrap all of the foil that you can onto it.
    You'd need to tape the edges of the foil to the outer edges of the stovetop, and secure it in all of the places that you can where there isn't too much heat.

    If that doesn't make sense, just try and figure out a way to make a foil tent that will hold in the amount of heat and space that you'd need, no need to go out and buy an oven.

    Here's one more option, and it's kind'a weird, but I saw an oven box that can be made from wood, and it'll work, and this is just one version...
    Click the link below to see how I drew this up, I changed the one I saw online, and I haven't made this before, (I use a powder coat oven for mine) but this homemade one appears to be a viable source for extra large stuff.
    Like I did, you may want to change up the design to fit your needs, but it might at least give you an idea or two, and make it as large as you need it.

    Just make sure to not use any glues in any of these projects, that will only make it more problematic, use nails if you can instead...
    Buy an oven thermometer too, you can't use your oven's, it's rarely right anyway, and you'll need to use one for sure if you extend your oven.
    You can buy insulated foil at home centers, we have Home Depot and Lowe's here, and they sell home improvement supplies, and will have everything that you'd need.
    Be careful of insulation though if you go this route, use it two sheets thick and sandwich them together insulation side, to insulation side, that way you'll have the outer sides that are foil.
    If you do it this way you'll have less mess, and a LOT less itching...

    I hope this at least helps in giving you some ideas.
    Good luck!


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    hiya the only place i can find mesh is Tiranti,based in London and I've hunted high and low at b&q and model shops etc couldn't find it anywhere.they are quick,really helpful and affordable.Also try Squires model and craft tools, based in Bognor regis.They don't sell aluminium mesh but everything else under the sun. you have to ring up for a catalogue coz i don't think they're website is up yet.(01243 842424) but again they are brill.If anyone else can give me some other places in the uk i'd be interested to know as well! Hope that helps!

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