The last game we (Frozax Games) have released is Around the World. This is a shareware casual game that we are already selling for PC (check our website). We are in the process of porting it to Mac and we would like to take this opportunity to improve the game art for both Mac and PC version.
We are therefore looking for a 2D artist that could change all (or at least all that is needed) the art of the game to improve it. We can provide the currently used resources in original format (mainly psd, resources have been created using the Gimp and Photoshop). There is work on game backgrounds, game elements, and game interface. You can have a look at the screenshots to see the kind of work required.
We plan to pay royalties (percentage of game benefits) on games sold through our e-commerce provider.

Contact me by PM or by email at "artist AT frozax DOT com" if you are interested or if you want additional details.