I've developed a PHP based website generator that puts together websites designed for artists and photographers. It makes add/removing images a snap and has a comprehensive visitor count and image view count logging system.

If interested in beta testing, there are some requirements. You need to have access to a UNIX server running PHP 4 or better. You need to be able to FTP files to the server. You don't have to be an HTML guru, but you do need to know how to write some basic HTML or use an HTML genertaor that you can cut and paste HTML code from.... and you also need to know how to prepare images for display on a website - sizing them properly, etc.

Please contact me at phil@eyewoo.com if interested...

I've put up an information site at http://philwms.com/packINTRO?via=concept

...and my personal site at www.eyewoo.com was built and is running with the system.