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    Saving Work - Saving Time?!

    There is one thing that has been bugging me about Photoshop for YEARS.

    I always work where one PSD is analogous to one JPG or GIF, and they're in two different folders. Whenever I update the PSD, I want to update the JPG. That's pretty standard, but...

    Any time I want to save the PSD, I have to do one of two things

    1.) Open the slow and cumbersome Save To Web dialogue, which consists of loading optimized previews, hitting Save, hitting Overwrite OK, etc.


    2.) Hit Shift + S to Save As..., navigate into the JPG directory from the PSD directory, select JPG from the dropdown list, double-click the existing JPG, hit "OK" to replace and then "OK" on the image settings.

    Both of these things take about 10 seconds after the first time, because I'm never really changing the settings for the same image. Now, you may not think 10 seconds is so bad, but consider that I've probably saved a PSD as a JPG about 20,000 times or so in my life (probably more). That's over two DAYS of lost time saving! Well, I guess two days in so many years isn't THAT bad, but jeez, it's a hassle.

    Does anyone know of a way to shorten this process? I really wish I could just hit Ctrl + S and have it do what I want it to. Isn't that what computers are for...? To automate and speed up processes?

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    Use the automation features in photoshop such as 'actions', 'droplets' and 'batch processing'

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    trust me - doing actions + batch processes can save you YEARS!

    Try making an animation by scanning, colouring, making mattes in photoshop - then you learn how to save time!

    I love actions easy to make aswell - although watch out with what your doing as I stupidly made one alt+F4 & forgot. I have the habit of closing things with alt+f4, so when I would do that with pshop, it resized things to a stupid setting I made up then saved them! D'oh

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