I'm the leader and level designer for the Project "The Journeyman Project: Revisioned". This project is a recreation of the classic FP adventure game trilogy, "The Journeyman Project".

Right now, I'm having trouble figuring out how the logo should look for the website/game. I'm at the point of officially creating the new Forums and Web Design, and I am trying to collaborate on a logo for the project.

For more information on this project you can visit our temporary forums here: http://jmproject.vigilantec.com/forum/

and/or read up on more information on the game series and more information on this project here on wikipedia:

Now on to the collaboration.

Here is the logo design for the first game "The Journeyman Project Turbo"

Here is the logo design for the second game "Buried in Time"

Here is the logo desing for the last game "Legacy of Time"

And if you have good eye sight, here is the logo design for the incomplete 4th game

Here is also the logo that maybe seen in some of hte previous game logo's known as the Temporal Security Agency/Annex:

Anyways, any help, collaboration, critics would be great! You will be credited and in the end you can use the final product as proof of your collaboration and include it in your portfolio. Thanks!