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    Unhappy Getting past a block

    I've been watching Gnomon workshops and working alone on my concept art. I just can't seem to pull anything out of my sketches. I'd really appreciate any tips anyone has on exercises or techniques I could try to get out of this rut.

    I guess I am going after landscape. More fantasy and scifi. I've sorta got my nose into it all though. Should I plan EVERYTHING about the picture before going into it? Sorta takes the fun out I think. But if thats what it takes...
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    It depends what type of content are you trying to produce. The thing I try to do is to go back to the basics, i.e. keep everything to simple lines and structure. This way you dont have to worry about presentation and shading as much but focus on the shape. This way I can achieve some good ideas to develop further. Another thing is to take a long walk, that usually works for me

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    Well I'm not sure what you're trying to produce, but drawing what you want (or have fun with) and then weaning yourself onto projects that you think you need to do may help. If it's an inspiration block, stroll around the finally finished section for ideas on colour, pose and the like

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    What's been working for me lately is I bought a couple DVDs of just nature footage and the sort. lots of outdoor life and discovery channel. Eventually you'll start to built of a catalogue of ideas in your head that you can always pull from.
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