For Immediate Release:

Arcana Studio announces the signing of Joe Martino's Shadowflame for release in 2007.
August 18th 2006 – Arcana Studio (Kade, Ezra, 100 Girls) is proud to announce the addition of Joe Martino’s creation Shadowflame to their already impressive roster.

Joe Martino says “I am happy to be joining the Arcana team. Sean has given me a great chance to bring Shadowflame to the masses. I look forward to an amazing partnership that will produce some great superhero comics.”

Shadowflame is a 4 issue Mini-series and is a retelling of Joe’s original mini-series that he published in 1996. 10 years later he wants to introduce Shadowflame to a new generation of fans. This full color mini-series boasts covers by Andie Tong, Bob Layton, Rudy Nebres and Paul Ryan. Other talents that you will see in this series are Joe Martino, Peter Palmiotti, Dash Martin, Ian Sokoliwski, Johnny Lowe, Naser Subashi, Rick Buckler Jr. and Jeff Austin. Issue one has pinups by Jon Malin and Rob “Doc” Roman.

In the first issue of Shadowflame we see Tom Wyatt at the end of his rope a month after the murder of his wife. He attempted to end his own life but instead he found himself transported to a ship orbiting the Earth. The aliens aboard explained that he could not kill himself for he was the last of a chosen line; a family line which possessed the perfect genetic imprint to receive the 'gift of power' and become a third holy man of lsht. After hearing the story of Zakraan and his family, Tom reluctantly agreed to take the power. In a painful ceremony he was endowed with powers that set him apart from other men. He was now a superman, capable of vast feats of strength, flight, telekinetic force bolts and all the rewards of being a holy man. This gave him not only great powers, but a reason to live.

Rich Vasseur of Jazma Online says “This comic shows us Shadowflame's origin. It is really very interesting. His costume is original and inspiring. Shadowflame shows us the true heart of a hero. There is lots of excitement within these pages. Shadowflame will light a fire under you!”

Shadowflame 1 of 4 will be available through Diamond Comics, hitting store shelves in February 2007, at the suggested retail price of $3.95.

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