Epic Games, located in Cary, N.C. is looking for texture artists that have expert knowledge of creating textures for next generation game titles. Must have solid experience creating normal, specular, diffuse and effects maps. Must be proficient in generating normal maps from multiple sources: 3d modeling, converting height maps, photo manipulation, etc. This position requires significant experience developing game textures and 2D art assets.

must have expert-level proficiency in Photoshop, and familiarity with other 2D and 3D tools
must have experience creating textures for next gen games (normal, diffuse, spec)
game industry experience required
Preference to applicants with:
shipped-title experience
experience working within console memory limitations
familiarity with Unreal technology art pipeline
related skills, such as modeling, skinning, animation, concepting
BFA in Painting/3D art or similar background/traditional training
This position is open only to those authorized to work in the U.S. Texture artists should include texture images and shots of mapped textures in their portfolio. Please submit resume and porfolio to jobs@epicgames.com.