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Thread: Fly with father

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    Fly with father

    i spend almost 2 weeks on workin' on it, specially with details. When i finished i was sick...

    Fly with father

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    that thing sticking out between his legs is kinda disturbing. (it even has a ballsack!? wtf?!)

    I like the jet nozzle thing on the left wall. and the mood is nice. keep drawing!

    edit: oh and compositionwise, it feels a bit odd to have a face hidden the way you have.

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    the enviro is nice, but the figures need alot of work.
    the dad's face is pretty flat and his leg on the ground not long enough and where the foot hits the ground is awkward, twisted looking.

    the kid seems to have no feet, or are pointing straight down, but we don't see much indication of feet at all.
    the way the stripes come down so far make it look like an extension of the leg where there should be feet.

    also an awkward crop of the guy lifting the kid up.
    his face shouldn't be completely covered by the ship like that if you want him to be noticable/have a purpose.

    nice buildings and perspective though.

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    I REALLY love the environment, the street is really awesome, I know a minor detail but still...

    The thing pointing up between his legs is a little phalic, even though it's supposed to be part of the seat or something....I think the probs with the characters is still fixable too.

    Good stuff, keep posting...

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    I agree with some of the previous comments. I think you might want to spend a little more time on the preperation of a peice like this though. The perspective that you are trying to show is a one point perspective but there isnt a really a single vanishing point in this image. Its definetly too late to fix something like that but its something you want to do doing a concept like this.

    I think this work would have come across very strong had you lined up the vanishing aspects of the buildings and the vehicle because you did a great job with the details, color scheme, and lighting. This is one point perspective and it is such an important tool in making this peice more dramatic, it makes it very important to get that aspect correct.

    Good job with all the other aspects though.

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