Hi all just want to let all know about a new Magazine call ImagineFX that is out of the UK and covers Artist that use Painter and Photoshop as well and old school art as well. This monthong for the Us as it was out and is likely gone in the UK cover is by Linda Bergkvist and she has an interview and Workshop in this issue. All issues have a DVD workshop with the featured artists and software and extras like textures and fonts and brushes for both Photoshop and panter as well as extras for the 3D programs.

In the US it cost around $14.99 pust tax but your area could be less or more shop around. The first and second issue is sold out(I missed the first my self)The one out now is the 7th issue.
I been using it to learn some way of bettering my art and I think this great mag for new artist wanting learn from new and old school artists as well and some of us older artist that started in pen,ink and paints and moving to digital.

this issue is sure to sell out get ASAP..their most likely and with Lin be no back issues as this is one of the best so far and with Linda Bergkvist work and her work shop on how she dose her work .. let just said the book store her got 25 to 30 issues on last Tuesday.. I got my on Monday this week.. they had only 4 issues left...that is a hot mag.

Ok hope you all can find your Next month is out in the UK now it has Scott Waters from Wizard of the Coast and Neville Page. it came out in the UK on Aug 3 should hit her in about a week or two.