how the soft passes made?

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    Talking how the soft passes made?

    How r the passes so soft in profesional paintings?For ex. on a face painting, from the edges to center of cheeks-from dark to light-there are soft passes but 3 or more different colors..What is the secret?Brushes?Smudge?Blur?Opacity value or edge value of brushes?..........

    Then that:

    Made with "blur tool".Not enough realistic effect u see...

    I didn't gave it up and tried different smudges, sponge, blur, duplicate layer etc..Then i finished as that:

    This is nice i think..But i do not know if i can do this on bigger works, or everytime..I want to learn the exactly right technique of this.Soft passes after first coloring.Aspecially on human faces.Can one give a tutorial that showes like "we give red color with brush opacity %70 ,then orange at it and yellow last..Then we use smudge as..." Something like that i mean.Or a video tutorial.
    Do i want too much?

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    I could never find the best setting in PhotoShop for the brushes until after the workshop. Most of the artists I saw set their brushes to 100% opacity, 75% flow and both set to pen pressure.

    I just use a round brush with around 85% hardness and 20% spacing, don't go crazy low on the spacing thinking it will give you a smoother line. You want to have that spacing so your computer won't choke and so you can blend.

    I posted my Photoshop brushes and setting in my sketchbook thread.

    good luck!

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    Check this thread out, theres some great advice in there, it helped me out when i was developing a working technique.

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