asoir - hihihih! The same to you!

sanest - cool thanks alot! glad you like thatone, I do too.

Spats - haha yeah! NI! thank you for the as always kind words brotha!

MUNIZ - thanks alot my man! N yeah, I'm hooked on the place n I've seen you there too. Thanks again for the kind words, I'll see you in sketcher!

Camara - Sweet! Thanks piles!

Beelow - Oo, great advice man, thanks alot! The stiffness is sometimes deliberate, but its most often too much. Very good reminder. I really suck at anatomy, I'll have to do my first human lifedrawing sometime soon... and maby do some studies for once too. Thanks for the slap, appreciate it ya know!

sum pencils. some for the comic, some not.

not done. n I'm gonna color this mother once it is.