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    Smile Ringling School of Art and Design 2007 Thread

    I'm sorry if I'm not someone who has enough authority to really post a new thread about this, but I'm impatient, and the incoming freshman class of 2006 is already accepted. Please delete this thread if it offends anyone!!!

    I'm going into my senior year at an Ohio school, and I plan to apply for the 2007 school year at Ringling as a Computer Animation major. *crosses fingers* I was just hoping to get to know a few others who are interested in applying for the 2007 school year, and maybe getting to know a few others who already are in the program.

    I have a few questions to someone who's already a Computer Animation major. Do you really think the huge cost of Ringling is worth it? I know that since you've been going to this school for all of your college career you have nothing to compare it to, but do you think those big bucks really help put you ahead of the rest of the pack? The names of the companies who hire out of Ringling are just jawdropping, but those are just names... How many students really are hired out of the graduating class, and how many of them to really big-named companies?

    I also have a couple of quick portfolio questions. As far as a sketchbook goes, does Ringling encourage using one as a portfolio piece? If so, how does one go about sending it long distance? What about as a digital presentation? And as far as that goes, which does Ringling prefer--actual slides or a DVD slideshow? I'm sorry for all of the questions, but any answers are truly appreciated!

    I hope to meet some other (hopefully ) future classmates!

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    Um Im not sure if you could make this thread, you'll have to talk to Sula, Hett, Jay etc. about that...but Im gona be applying for CA in 07 so I thought id say hey...Hey! you could take a look at some of my work by clicking the link in my sig.

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    Uhhh I suggest posting these questions in the 06 thread as far as questions are concerned. Also let sula or hett or someone whos already there make the first post. for the 07 thread it will make alot more sense. SO I suggest re-asking these questions in the 06 thread. Makes alot more sense. So forgive me if I lock this dont take it the wrong way Its just going to get really confusing Im sure there will be a big ol 07 thread up soon, with a really good first post with alot of info like the 06 thread, makes more sense that way
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