Hello there guys. I'm new here and just thought I'd get stuck in.

Since I'm a new comer I thought it be best for me to start with something general. It does mean there's a relative amount to look at but at least I'll get back some good tips.


I started really getting into art as a major interest about two years ago so I'm pretty unexperienced however I have been drawing as a hobby my whole life.
Unfortunately I haven't drawn much realism unless it's in art class so there is a major flaw already on that level.

Man I wish I'd done some nice fresh pics so when you guys clicked the link you'd be met by something...a little cleaner but I want to get this in gear as soon as possible.

Ya see about 6 months ago I decided I was gonna take my art professionally, my main goal is to go into animation and direct/produce films etc. My ultimate dream is to own my own studio but ya know that's for the waaay distant future.
Therefore I'd heard of this place and actually thought it a good idea to post here and get some good CC so i can improve.

So yeah life story over.

Go easy on me, I'm still trying to grow that thick artist skin lol.