Sketchbook: BlueMech's Sketch Tome :: Book II, page110507

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    BlueMech's Sketch Tome :: Book II, page110507

    I'm starting a new sketchbook because my old one was way image heavy (200+) and had way old art, years old. Most peopel rumaged through the older stuff and neglected to comment and crit on my more recent stuff. With the advent of me joining an SSG I've decided it best to start anew. My old sketchbook thread can be found here. Also, ElvisMcVegas and I have a comic that is still early in it's life. It's not much but it's there.

    Kind of old, but it was fun ro draw.

    I drew the initial sketch a looong while back when I was spending the week at SOE before they came to get us for the day.

    Drawn from ref, scan quality makes it worse than it really is. I'm getting back into the groove of drawing, even moreso of drawing on real paper.

    Also from ref. I'm still pretty rusty and I need to fix this scanner, all these scans are crappy. It's an old scanner and it doesn't like my new computer much I guess.

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