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    E.O.W Round 30: Hunting Grounds - The big vote!

    E.O.W Round 30: VOTING THREAD

    TOPIC: Hunting Grounds

    Deadline For Voting: Tuesday 15th August

    Please vote for your personal favourite artwork from this round. Please remember that your vote should reflect an equal weight of aesthetic impact, adherance to the brief, and idea development.

    Your votes will be public.
    Please help strengthen the activity by leaving criticism for the artist you vote for, and for any other artworks you can manage!

    Posting Thread

    Im sorry about the delay again guys, im in the middle of moving to florida o___O and theres so much paperwork involved and i totally forgot this thread >__< don't hate

    E.O.W Round 30: Hunting Grounds - The big vote!
    The Inter-Galactic Corporation presents ...Creatures taken from all corners
    of the universe, their natural habitat perfectly recreated in all its
    beauty! Watch the amazing spectacle of these creatures hunting, feeding,
    just as they would on their home worlds! Episode One: The Hunter and the
    Bear (Pay per view - only 5 suim a parsecul!)

    The Hunter:
    " The gods have taken me! I know not where. The moon goddess came down to
    touch me as I was returning to my village from a hunt, her light became as
    bright as the sun as it enveloped me..."

    "... I have been neither fully awake nor asleep for what must have been many
    days, but I can only guess how long it really has been. At times I have
    heard strange voices around me, but they were unlike any voices I have heard
    before, neither bird or beast!"

    " I awake hungry to find myself lying in the shade of tree. Am I home?”

    "This land I have awoken in looks familiar but it is wrong. The sky is
    permanently night, but yet it is as bright as day. The grass stirs as if
    blown by a gentle breeze, yet there is no wind!

    "A strong musky scent fills my nostrils and I turn to find a large cave bear
    approaching me with a hungry look in his eye. I do not know this land with
    its strange trees and grasses, but hunting bear I do know!”

    E.O.W Round 30: Hunting Grounds - The big vote!
    My days of fasting and praying were rewarded with a spirit vision of an unprecedented fashion. I had seen an arrow having no point on the arrowhead. It took our men days to build the walls, but the spirits assured me that game driven along the shaft of my spirit vision arrow, and into this pointless arrowhead, would converge to the point on the treeline where our archers waited with arrows of their own.

    E.O.W Round 30: Hunting Grounds - The big vote!
    They say that in the Weirdwood lost elves lie beneath the surface of the murkey waters. Their eyes stair vacantly, and their lungs draw no breath as they rest in their magical hibernation. Only when a creature passes nearby do they stir, lunging from their shallow watery beds to grab their victim and drag it down to a slimy grave. Beware the Weirdwood... the hunting ground of the Lost Ones.

    E.O.W Round 30: Hunting Grounds - The big vote!
    At the back of the scrap yard a hunter found his home. He likes to relax in a hollowed out thruster from a spacecraft and wait for the exotic and sometimes rare animals that wander from the forest towards the heat and noise. They all taste great!

    ferak seg
    E.O.W Round 30: Hunting Grounds - The big vote!
    The treasure was there, deep in the darkness of the canyon. It was like the biggest pearls treasure in the world. But if you looked more carefully all those pearls were just human skulls. Skulls of the imprudents who made the mistake to search for this faked treasure on giant spiders territory. (So hard to write description like this in English....sorry)
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    -good job, Ferag!


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    my favorites are Gaius and Ferak Seg

    Gaius gets my vote cause of his amazingly realistic environment, and cause it seems to fit the topic better...

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    My vote went to Gaius, for his explenation and meeting my mindset of huntinggrounds.

    Paintingskillwise Ferak's entry was very beautifull tho

    Arttorney I like ur colors, but maybe add some more life in ur piece.

    Panagos definatily a moody entry and intrueging story. Maybe if the pic also spoke for itself a bit more u wuld have got my vote.

    yAdam a very original piece! The colors arent really my taste, but nice perspective

    Cheerz, Lewis

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    wait ....Rook! your moving to THIS side of the pond?
    my slack sense of timezones will be totally messed up.
    hope you enjoy Florida

    welcome to the US

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    voted ferak.....has a wonderful mystical quality (I hope Im not just voting on artfact from my crappy monitor).
    and seems to evoke a complete environment....look s more like a place than an illustration
    I know that these are illustrations.. but I prefer when I don't have to suspend my "willing suspension of disbelief" past style, content and story... my imagination is stretchy....but not that stretchy..


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    Yadam's sweet colors and his idea drew me in.
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    I voted for yAdam. I liked the contrast of the big, bold, weird colors and the subtlety of the action. It takes a second to notice that one creature is already down, and another few to notice that lazer sight settling on the next creature. Wonderful. My only crits are that the hunter's plain red and blue clothes are rather boring, and that the lazer doesn't point in the exact same direction as the gun.
    Gaius had a great story and a pretty good picture. The lighting is well done and very realistic, but the high tech elements look kinda pasted on.
    Arttorney, I agree with Lewis in that adding some life would have definitely increased interest in the scene. As it is there's just one little guy way off in the distance.
    Panagos, too blurry and indistinct. Also, there's really nothing going on there.
    ferak seg- Beautiful and very moody piece. However, it didn't have the surprising little details like yAdam's piece, so that's why it didn't get my vote. Also, there are little areas of almost pure black that don't really fit. Maybe it's just my monitor.

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    Don't know if my image is blurry for anyone else...

    Voted for ferak...looking at it, it kinda looks a bit blurry too.. Hopefully its not my eyes!

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    v - Gaius

    I liked the shadows on the grass. Successful entries from everyone else.
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    Voted yAdam, because his scene was most interesting to look at. Mainly because of the viewpoint and the little details like the laser going throught the conviently placed smoke exhaust.

    The others had great work as well.

    Gaius: Nice piece, a bit much going on, not a clear focus imo. Nicely detailed though.
    arttorney: The colors are bit flat, try to make the colors less intense as they go into the distance.
    Panagos: Nice atmosphere, but doesnt really strike me as hunting grounds. More like a standard swamp. Try to avoid the smudginess.
    ferak seg: nice details, the brush you used repeats a bit too much in the background, try to get rid of the repeating look next time. And more contrast in the front would give the scene more depth.

    I need to do more enviroments, maybe Ill jump in the next one.
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