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    Need some advice

    thanks, you two already answered my most important questions. NO ONE around here even knows what concept art is. And i apologize for looking for a guidance counselor. I didn't mean it to sound that way. i just would have like to talk to someone i can share some ideas with and be friends with who actually likes this type of art. sorry to waste a thread, just got a little too excited that this website actually exsisted lol. thanks.
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    dude, welcome to ca and all.. but you should do research in this forum.
    Learn how to look for things.

    what your asking for the answers are in this forum. but it is way to broad. I dont know who or how they would take the time out and help you.
    good luck on your hunt

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    Try maybe StoryBoard Dave or Elwell- hell, there is a whole forum near the bottom dedicated to Art Education. You will find the responses vary. Some will tell you that they never went to school, others will say school did nothing for them, and others will say school has been extremley beneficial. It comes down to what you really want...

    Jason Manley (The Prez of Massive Black Inc., aka the company that runs this website pretty much), never finished highschool, none the less college (I believe..), but he still got to the top... Marko Djurdjevic never had formal art training, he just drew since he was twelve... as opposed to Wes Burt, who had a summer art camp during his later highschool years, then spent 5 years at Cleveland Institute of design. Both are amazing in their own right, and both went COMPLETLEY seperate directions education wise, but each's lifestyle suited and boosted their artistic acheivment...

    So yeah... in the end.. it all comes down to you... Your post sounds like you are asking for a Guidance Counselor almost, which no one here can/would give you, because they have jobs otherwise, but there are threads JAM PACKED with info on almost all the top colleges in the category labeled "Art School/Education"
    Several RSAD threads,
    Sheridan thread,
    Art Center thread (You should look into Art Center if you HONESTLY plan to go into concept design)
    and in the lounge there is a thread called "Would you attend the ConceptArt school for the arts" (Check that out FOR SURE.)

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