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    Nissan and Production I.G. studio colab

    Production I.G. (from Ghost in the Shell, Pat Labor, Evangelion, the Kill Bill animation etc) did a collaboration where they (re-?) designed a Nissan and used it in their animation series Stand Alone Complex.

    The interesting thing is that nissan decided to built a prototype of the concept car and has it on show in their gallery. I personally really don't find the car amazing at all, if not to say dissapointing. Still interesting when something like this happens though.

    Please let somebody make and put in production Syd Mead's flying cars from Blade Runner (Even if it doesnt fly...).

    In Japanese but you can still check out the ride

    the nissan gallery for the peeps in Japan

    check the Tensai Tokyo Sketch Thread (Sketchbook)

    check the Tensai Cityscapes Thread (Finally Finished)

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    Interesting, I definately see where the philosophies mesh, even if it does just look like another becoming-more-common mini-cars ala the scion models or the yaris. Neat idea regardless.

    What they REALLY need to do is make a production model of one of those multi-ped tanks from the second episode of the first season! I'd buy that in a second.
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    i'd buy it

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    Why didn't they do Batou's sports car? That one was much cooler.

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