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    Question Gesture drawing, and others questions.

    I've been going to live model classes once a week and reading Villpus drawing manual, and the Natural way to draw exercises. I just started out and I do understand gestures, but are gestures mainly just an exercise for hand an eye coordination or do you actually include a gesture into lets say the first starts of an illustrated peice?

    I know Gesture drawing is very important for anmation, which I am in, but do you actually use it to design anything?

    Also, is it ok to substitute a model in these studies with say something on the screen or a photograph? I know the distortion involved with cameras, I just figure i ahve to keep that in mind as i draw.

    Heh, no rules I know. But, I'd like some incite as to what some others might think about these questions.

    Plus any personal reviews on these books would be great... i have found threads dedicated to them, so only if you want to chime in with your oppinion on these if you feel like it.

    Also, I am aware this might not be ok to be put in this part of the forum, but I figured I might get more answers this way in shorter time. If any Mods require it to be moved, that's fine. I'll make sure to put things exactly where they go in the future.

    thank you for your time guys I appreciate it.
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    2b boy, i think you should be posting this in the learning forum... im gonna move it over there, k? youll get a better response to your questions there.

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    A search for "gesture" will lead to several useful threads.

    From this one:
    Quote Originally Posted by briggsy@ashtons
    Quick poses are really practice at STARTING drawings in the best way, like a runner or a swimmer practicing starts for a race. You should feel focussed and intent, but not rushed - no more or less rushed than in the first minute of a longer drawing.

    Begin each drawing, one-minute or otherwise, by focussing on seeing the flat, 2D SHAPE of your subject, and seeing the WHOLE shape before the details. There is a natural progression in drawing: you need to begin to establish (1) shape before you can show (2) construction, and you need construction before you can model (3) surface form.
    And from this one:
    Quote Originally Posted by mentler
    The only thing that I would add is to not think of gesture as an exercise simple to warm up or loosen up <> it is the first step in the drawing process regardless of the time frame <> many teachers who obviously did not read or did not understand Nicolaides' book have totally abused the process treating it as a warm-up exercise unrelated to a longer drawing.

    The most important, the most critical and ultimately the most difficult thing is drawing from life is to capture the action or structural rhythms of a pose.

    If you are not successful in capturing the action your drawing is doomed.

    I see many go through the gesture drawings of 1 or 2 minutes and then when the have 5 minutes or more they go back to doing a tedious contour drawing starting with some detail and wasting a tremendous amount of time.

    I have totally gotten rid of the word gesture in my teaching replacing it with the concept of a short pose. Emphasizing that it is a start of a drawing.

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    Thanks for the replies you two. i appreciate it.

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    heres an article on gesture drawing if you're interested
    good luck

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