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    Character Portrait

    Hey, everyone... this is my first post on the CA forums, so I was a little unsure about where to put this... but I think I got it figured out.

    If I'm wrong, please correct me.

    Anyways, as to the actual art itself, this is a Photoshop painting of my half-Asian character, Sanura. It was done entirely digitally, with help from tutorials by Linda Bergkvist on her website.

    Specific things I'd like feedback on include her eyes (they scare me... ;_; ) and her lips. They stick out too much. And they're weird looking in general. She's supposed to have really pouty lips, but, er, it failed. The hair also bothers me.

    Thanks to you all for your time and energy.

    And now I will stop blabbing and show you the actual pic:

    Character Portrait

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    Hello Arimis welcome to the CA forums!
    thank you for putting time in your introduction, it is much appriciated.
    as for your portrait of your character Sanura, there is effort evident in the image, but as you have kindly pointed out there are some problems you ran into. the background leaves and text should be done away with. they are useless and do nothing to compliment Sanura. before i go any futher with a critque i have a few questrions for you. did you develope this character with some reference, or is it entierly from imagination? and if you used reference, could you please post it as well?
    - Kinjark

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    drawing and painting from life or photograph will help you get better at it. Just keep on working. Nice work.

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    @ Kinjark: Thank you for your critique. ^^ But it was done entirely from imagination. I didn't use any kind of reference.

    @ Corel: Thank you. :3

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    it looks pretty decent, i like the colors.
    but you've got a ways to go.

    some basic things to keep in mind:

    1. watch your angles.
    you've begun to indicate a tilt to the head, but then made all the features straight.
    this accounts for the weirdness in the jaw line.

    2. think FORM not FEATURES!
    that means, its not the eyelashes that are important, it whether or not the eyeBALL looks like its round and fits into a socket.
    the underplane of the nose is more important than the nostril.
    the shadow of the lip is more important than the pink outline...

    3. think BIG shapes.
    simply EVERYTHING into simple planes.

    4. dont paint every hair.
    this just reiterates #3.
    paint the big shapes and shadows that the hair makes, and then toss in a few extra individual strands to IMPLY the rest.

    5. hair is soft.
    so paint it soft.

    6. light = texture and color.....shadows = form
    if something feels wrong about the SHAPE of the face, its because of the shape of the shadows (or lack there of).

    even if you cant see it, you should understand whats happening to the rest of the form.

    8. get reference!
    like corel said, it will help a LOT.
    reference could be magazine clippings, photos, or even live models.
    but look at something real.

    heres a paintover that went a little too far.
    i angled the face,
    shrunk the lips,
    eliminated the shadow from one side of the nose (after all the light is only coming from one side),
    simplified and softened the hair,
    and tried to create an eye socket.

    hope these help:
    Character Portrait
    Character Portrait

    so where abouts CT are you from?
    - Dan Dos Santos

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