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Thread: Summer Lovin'

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    Summer Lovin'

    Goodluck reading all of this doubt many of you care but here goes...

    Hi I am a student entering my junior year of high school (IB) here are some of my summer assignments. This is my first time I posting in the finally finished section I hope my work can be on par with most of the professionals and hobbyist who post here. If an admin thinks otherwise dont hesistate to move this. Sorry I dont have too many detail shots as of now but if anyone is really interested I will post some.

    This one is my selfportrait done in acrylics I think the size is somewhere around 22 x 30.

    Summer Lovin'

    Summer Lovin'

    Summer Lovin'

    Summer Lovin'

    Sorry I am not so good with the camera and lighting for art so some of these are eh but these are screenprints inspired by Warhols narrative, mainly his portrait of ten jews. But I just did portraits of three people everyone probably knows just by looking at them. It got kind of sloppy but I LEARNED about printing seriously. I am putting them in the order that I did them so you can kind of see the progress.
    The process is simply lay down ink then keep building on it. Mine didn't exactly turn out like Warhols but I am proud of the way they did turn out.

    Summer Lovin'

    I was experimenting on how far I could take the ink, how it would react to a paint brush and etc.

    Summer Lovin'

    This one didnt turn out too well but I only had 3 illustration boards so its not like I could trash it, but later on in the year when I get back to school and I have more supplies to do with I will definately redo Osama.

    Summer Lovin'


    This is the last one I did, I think its the best one the composition is ok the Bush one may be better and keep the views eyes moving but to me this one has the most mood and Blair looks like hes thinking about something.

    Sculpture project:

    This peice was somewhat inspired by Marisol but the more I dweleved into this more I started to dislike this type of sculpture, but I really enjoy Marisols work. My grandfather is a carpenter so we built this. Then i painted it and we put legs on it. I wanted to look kind of spooky and also like she was stepping into something like a new job or something kooky. Her hands are also behind her back showing this shyness to whatever shes going.

    Summer Lovin'

    Closeup on face :

    Summer Lovin'

    Got kind of sloppy but from far away it melts together so I think it works as an interesting effect.

    Like I said I tried my best.

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    IB, eh? You poor son of a bitch, I know your pain.

    I really like your self portrait, though i feel the teeth don't seem to line up perfectly with the rest of the face. no big deal, it's a cool piece
    Don't know what to say about the faces. I think further experimentation could result in some interesting things.
    I like your sculpture's head. The paint creates a nice effect at a distance
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    The self portrait is almost character-like, similar to ones you'd get at the local fair, but more explicitly detailed which gives a great effect.

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