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    Superman's shooting lasers...

    Superman's shooting lasers...
    Superman's shooting lasers...

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    My god he's got a nose goblin....
    I like the fact that you went for the upshot, gives one that sense of feeling diminution in the face of all this power.
    There are however, some points you may want to address:
    1) His face is extremely angular...and in Supes comics Bizzaro is usually the one with the weird angular face.
    2) The nose, looking right up his shnozz is a bit weird even if the anatomy of the nose were spot on..but here it might need a touch of work.
    3) The teeth, right now they look like folded cardboard and not the real thing. (same goes for the tongue) (check some ref)
    4) Holy shit...those pecs are huge. It's like they are continents unto themselves. I'll grant you that he's built but that's ginormous!
    5) The clouds..could do with less angularity and more variation of shape.

    If my eyes don't deceive went and scratched in some black lines in between the lasers...which to an inker would signify that all that is going to be solid black..ergo a night scene? If so, then you have to map your shadows onto supes, and they'd be alot more than you have there with only the eye lasers tearing up the joint. Unless that is you are going to take this to digi color yourself.
    Hope I haven't been too harsh.
    It's a good start..but needs some refinements.

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    he has no lips.
    - Kinjark

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    HOLY NOSTRILS BATMAN! He actually looks like he is aobut to sneeze on us! I think that you have his nose too flat against his forehead.
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    I like the angle. The one thing that jumps out at me is the "S" symbol. There is a line defining where his pects are but the "S" looks separate from the costume. I would think there would be a slight indent of where the pects are coming together. Aside from what everyone has already addressed great work!

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    I like this picture a lot. Im not a super hero kinda guy, but i thought this was pretty cool. There are some issues, as the others have said. I liked the yelling open mouth approach till one of the others commented it looks like he is going to sneeze. And then i realized he was right. Why dont you try making him grit his teeth instead? It's easy to see you're trying to go for a style, but the angled clouds and teeth does take away from the picture overall.
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