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    Red face Advice on commissions

    I am interested in getting into paid commissions, so I am wondering if anyone can give me advice at where to start looking for clients and such. Thank you.

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    This has been asked about a hundred times, the search tool is your friend, you can try to limit the search to the employment discussion section.

    Here's an exemple:

    Btw, welcome to!

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    Uhm ok, Im gunna be straight with you. Im not sure what market of clients you are talking about.

    While you are offering to work for the absurdly low rate of 6 dollars an hour in your other thread. I think your going to have real trouble getting clients of any kind with the current quality of your work. I think its something that you really need to work hard on, please go to the crits section and people will really really help you out.

    You have to understand, by offering artwork for sale like this in a global context you ARE putting yourself up against the very best, so dont take it the wrong way if i say you have a bunch of work to do before you start getting paid. While you have some interesting things in your work, currently alot of your fundamentals are lacking, you dont have a rounded out visual vocabulary and technical knowledge it takes to express what you want.

    That should be your first order of business is going to the crits section and having all your pieces taken apart so you can see exactly whats wrong with them. Im not saying you will, but be sure your ready for some harsh crits, and understand people are really trying to help you and giving you the knowledge they have already gained.

    As far as acctual clients, only ever show your clients the very best of your work, they will always judge you by the weakest piece in your gallery even if you point out its not recent. Draw more, ALOT more, and if you post your work here you will see a very rapid increase of skill in your work. Good luck, I hope that helps.
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    That is some A+ advice you just got from Red Rook.

    But for when you do get to the point where you start selling your work, 6 dollars an hour is way too low. You could make more working part time at mcdonald's.

    Another note is that ElfWood is not the greatest palce to try to advertise your work to potential employers. You're guiding them to a side with thousands of artists, many of which are actually of professional quality work. So you're setting yourself up for some very intense competition.
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    Aye 6 an hour is play money. I did about 12 commisions for pets last year and charged 30 an hour for those graphites. From what I was told by some that was too low. But they were friends and I was trying to get my name out there

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