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    Unhappy In need of some serious direction! :(

    Hey guys,

    Well its one of those bad financial times again and not just for me but for my mum and dad too. So i said illd try and help them out as much as i can in finding my dad some jobs. They really dont deserve all this considering how hard they have worked and its just a pain in the ass at the end of the day.

    I said illd go look for some art agencys as freelance work on forums isnt from my experience allwas demanding and i think its just best i look for an art agency that could secure work on a regular basis.

    Typing in art agency in the search engine diddent do much for me so im hoping someone with some knoledge of agencys can point me in a direction or two so i can help him out. It would be really really great if anyone could do that for me .

    My dad does sculpture, paintings illustrations and more traditional artwork.
    Hope that helps.

    Thankss guys,
    Sean Donaldson
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    Ok, if you really are in economical pain. Get a 9-5 job, looking for jobs that "fit" you is a totally different thing thats somehing you can do when you have a job or somthing you can live on.

    Look in the local news papers instead or something.

    Sorry for being an asshole but i think you have to look realistic at this.

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    ^thats not verry helpfull :/
    wish i could help ya but im hungry to mate .. check the joblistings here .. there are also other places to look liek monster shit liek that .. put in illustration or art or waht ever and see what pops up

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    There's the Artists' and Graphic Designers Market, which is a humongous book that any humongous bookstore (and most libraries) will have. It's got sections for gallery, advertising, greeting cards, etc.

    Going jobhunting for a regular 9-5 is something that people gotta buckle down and do every once in a while, I'll agree, but for the older generation who generally has more expenses and stuff... going and getting a job at Wal-Mart can sting, and if you've got a mortgage and car loans and all that shit it probably isn't enough.

    Good luck...

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