Moai, I use PS7 too. I'll send you my brushes if you want.
Man, now I really want to go out and buy that Bridgeman book. I have the Dynamic Anatomy book by Hogarth, but I don't like it very much. I know Hogarth was an amazing comic artist, but his figures seem to have very strange proportions and I find it difficult to learn from figures that are so unrealistic.

Hey, I really like that robot BG! I'm sorry it took so many tries to get there, but It looks good now. It reminds me of Canada (with all of the lakes). The only thing I have to nitpick about it is that the robot has such strong lines that it contrasts a bit too much with the soft BG. Maybe if you made the cast shadow a little darker and more crisp it would help to integrate the robot a little bit more.