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    You know what...

    I hate this place I am sorry to say...

    Most of you would not know art if it fucking SMASHED your heads into a pulpy substance. A lot of you only do your art from the mind and not from the heart. That is why most of your art is called concept. Your art speaks nothingness most of the time. I will not lie I have seen some lovely art... but it devistates me to se such a Idealist art site.

    You know I was told once that I am hella lucky if I can basicaly draw random lines on a paper and sometimes come out with a picture! Basically I was told I scribble. And I was lucky that I got photos and people are lucky if they ever get photos drawing like this.

    But guess what I have news for you.. I always get a picture like that ALWAYS!!!! So what does that make me? An expert? Better than you because I aparently mastered a way of drawing you dont know shit about?

    Im not working for some big ass fat guy breathing down my neck all damn day telling me what to draw. I am free.. and I have sold my work to many people who love it.

    I will not allow myself to be turned into a Idealist pig who just cares about money. Why dont you tell the people who are alive in manga art how big there damn eyes are and how they need to change there style! They make hell of a lot more money than you will ever make.

    Some of you have been real nice to me. But ome of you... most of you make me sick how you let money get to your head.

    Delet my account if you want! Im through here. If you realy think you are all that great then fucking contact me at my e mail. Thank to the admins for being very nice and understanding people.

    PS: Again I have seen stick figure art sell for 10's of thousands of dollars! If that is crap and you are so good then your art should sell for atleast 100 times that! Right? Wrong!

    Also I dont want to hear about art has values and some basic rules! Because most of you say that shit then fucking complain like, " OMG that is wrong and that and that!" STFU people do have there own style! Just because your ass doesnt like it doesnt meen the rest of the world wont. You are one person in 7.6 billion! Your words or 30 peoples harsh words mean jack shit to me! A person who is selling his art and has had over 70 people comment that they would love to own a copy!


    another PS: I dont have an atitude I have a heart! I will work on my art as I see fit! I will change my own ways as I please. So again shut the fuck up I dont give a shit about your crapy money making skills! The majorty of artists who go to art schools etc are stuck up assholes anyway! Get a real life and enjoy it!

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    Wrong forum.

    Also, the world population is approx. 6.53 billion.

    This reminds me of the scene from Real Genius where everyone is studying for finals and one guy at the table absolutely freaks out, screaming and yelling, then runs from the room; some of the people look up, then one of the guys on the couch moves up to the table and everyone goes back to studying.
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    Since you posted this in the Critique Center, I'm gonna assume this is part of a book or screenplay you're working on.

    Your writing sucks, too.
    Damn... my comment isn't even funny anymore... he really did ask about his writing skils...
    Just so we're clear: These are from his sb
    Quote Originally Posted by NAVI
    This is the most helpful most interesting site I have ever been on. You all are truley professionals at what you do.
    Quote Originally Posted by dogfood
    This may be unsettling, but this thread makes my Bipolar Sense tingle.
    You do the math... I stand with dogfood on this one...
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    Good thing he practically banned himself, though. Now the kids start thinking for themselves.
    This is his sketchbook btw.

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    I think you should name this one 'portrait of a whiney bitch who gave up'

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    Alright, this shit is getting old. Good polished art, just because its 10000000000000 (etc) times better then yours, doesnt mean it doesnt have a soul. Skill is skill, and if every dolt could pick up a wacom and push out some crazyass shit it would be pointless. But people suck when they start, and whether they improve has nothing to do with "lolsoul". Apparantly, you and a ton of artists on DA/elfwood have this purty, delightful, cool idea that art has to be done from imagination and look NOTHING like the real thing to mean something. Look at a beautiful portrait by a skilled artist, and then compare it to yours. See the diffrence? It isnt "soul", its that one of you was dedicated and made their portrait not suck. Either deal with it and practice or give up.

    Edit: You think trained artists are stuck up? You should see the people who shit on a canvas.
    God im so ashamed im even in the same state as you. Reading your post gives me a migraine.

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    Oh the humanity!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Navi

    *You know I was told once that I am hella lucky if I can basicaly draw random lines on a paper and sometimes come out with a picture! Basically I was told I scribble. And I was lucky that I got photos and people are lucky if they ever get photos drawing like this.

    *I will not allow myself to be turned into a Idealist pig who just cares about money. Why dont you tell the people who are alive in manga art how big there damn eyes are and how they need to change there style! They make hell of a lot more money than you will ever make.

    *Also I dont want to hear about art has values and some basic rules! Because most of you say that shit then fucking complain like, " OMG that is wrong and that and that!" STFU people do have there own style!
    Well: here is my little conclusions and reflexions:

    1- I don't know if I'm a master myself because I also get to draw radom lines and get pictures. Know what? All my design come from those pages of lines scible! It is call happy accident. Once you get those random lines, their perfect for getting inspiration... So as some other said, Your not an unique pretty and little snow flake. ;p

    2-Real good manga artist do earn money but most of what you pay for a manga go to the editor, the translation agency, the printing service, the material cost. and if something is left... that's your artist pay check. While their is out their some GREAT manga artist who had done a good living of manga art, their are also quite a load of wannabe that just wanted a quicker way to acheive art... and who are now desesperate to get job, their the one from who you never ear anything... I know i tried once to get a manga going quite dificult if your not able to get proportions corectly... Ho yes one more thing: Concept artist are well paid if they are well talented. Do you how much some pro get paid? something like $80 000/yrs while Art director can get 100k-150k and creative director 200k-250k on big contract (those numbers were found in a Zhu Fend interview [CGTalk]) much better than 70$ /page for a manga of 200 pages that take a year an a half to produce no? BTW manga art is a category! Every artist have is own twist just like any of us at CA.

    3-Fine whit me but what you see here are mostly concept artist. (if your ignoring it it is mostly because this place is called By defenition, they work for compagny for the entertrainment industrie. Having an Abstract or a very arbitrary aproach of art isn't usefull in this field. (just think of that poor costume designer getting a picaso painting and having to make one of those dress... still picaso is a great artist. Only not in the same field.)
    I can trully apreciate abstart art or post modern and I'm a true fan os surealism but only if it is presented to me as so. Dont get me and abstract painting while saying it is a space ship concept or Ill laft at YA!

    PS: Picaso could do amazingly realistic portrait too you knew?

    "Better than you because I aparently mastered a way of drawing you dont know shit about?"
    You should see my interpretation of the joconde I did while peeing on snow ;p Gess I'm the real master ?

    Ho BTW: I'm not writting this so you keep visiting Ca, I would be pretty satisfied if you just followed your personnal way of life away from us all. So ill wish you the best luck in the world (I'm not being sarcastic) and hope you one day become a world reknown artist doing his stuff his way. I'll be there doing films and you'll be showing in a gallery. Diffrent stuff but still art....

    Sincerly, ya really i mean it, S-I-N-C-E-R-L-Y, MAMOTH

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    Holy...I am going to post this with the belief that soap box boy will never read this as he's moved on, but I'll say it anyways.

    You are a know-nothing, snot nosed little punk with puesdo artist ideals whom obviously does'nt have a family counting on him for income.

    First off, you little feeb. Adapting to the harsh world of paid design and illustration does sometimes take the heart out of it, because someone else is telling you what they want and how to draw. But you gain strength, you learn to become tough, learn from those objective point of views and apply it your private work. You get PAID to learn and become better. And unless you plan on just drawing within the confines of what I can only assume from the naivete of your post to be your parents basement, and being the only one to ever see said artwork, you are definetely at some time or another going to come in contact with someone with an opinion about your work. So suck it up and grow up.

    Actually, scratch that, do do us a favor, stop drawing and preaching about something you know absolutely nothing about, sit in your food encrusted old easy chair, play xbox 24/7, and get me my damn burger and fries when I order it from you in a few years.

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    looks like you weren't wrong.

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    Why do I get the feeling that this guy is going to end up an AD...

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    Alright...I'll be the first to try to ease the sting here....First of all you have to realize that this forum has a swinging door policy. Whats more is that you signed up willingly, so appearantly there was something substantial about the forum and what it had to offer you as an artist. Now that being have to remember that not one single person on this forum has answers for you in terms of making your art better....ONLY SUGGESTIONS. When someone tells you you scribble....its just an observation. they are reflecting to you what they see....or how they felt about your drawing. Im willing to bet that nobody on this forum ever said that you dont draw or paint without heart. What they may have been hinting at without saying it is that you draw without certain knowledge. Although many people here do produce concept or illustrative art that may not particularly be manga style, the advice many people often give is still relevant to your art. Understand that even manga has an unwritten set of rules as to what looks astheically pleasing. things like...knowledge of anatomy...even if it is a bit distorted. perspective. Line thick or thin the line weight is on a certain area and why. tone and its respective shift in value and chroma around form. There is a reason behind everything even in manga...

    When I first started going to first day of drawing class we busted ass all day trying to outdraw one another...sort of to establish who will be setting the bar. It happens quite frequently...sort of friendly competition. At the end of the day the instructor told everyone to find their best drawing and to put it up on the wall...while most students hung out and congradulated one another on what a great job they did I was busy watching the instructor. he took the drawings off the wall and neatly placed them in a pile and offered up a crisp $100 dollar bill that he placed on the table next to the drawings. He said he would give it to the person that first guessed the drawing that he felt was the best. While everyone took their shot at earning themselves an easy hundred, no one could guess...when the crowd had exhausted themselves at guessing the names and faces of their classmates he neatly picked up the $100 bill and put it in his pocket....He then proceeded to pick up the stack of drawings ever so gracefully and ripped them into shreds. He taught me the most powerful lessons of my art education in a single gesture. He said "Here's what you just really learned."
    1. You are never as good as you think you are and there is always someone out there better than you.
    2. Dont ever get too attached to your work. Tomorrow you will draw the same thing and it will be even better than todays because you will have become more familiar with your subject.

    Anyways....if you've bothered to read this far than this last line shouldn't kill you to get through....
    Don't let your heart get in the way of your artistic progression. Nobody here has asked you to give up your passion. Believe me I had similar ideas about what art is at your age...If you could only know what I do at 28 years old you wouldn't be so quick to unleash your frustrations on the very group that will help you progress faster than any of your peers. Keep at your drawing...keep posting....take the criticisms lightly and disregard the people that are just out to slam you.
    I've taken the liberties. (which I know are taboo here) but for the sake of your education....I've ganked some images off the internet for you. The difference between amateure and professional art in Manga....I'm sure there are better examples but this will suffice i think. your 2 cents richer..
    My God has a bigger dick than your God.

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    'Bye Navi. I don't know exactly what brought this on, but can't say I'm surprized. As I told you in your very first post, this probably isn't the place for you. I'm moving this to the Lounge so it doesn't stink up the Critique Center, and I'm locking it so it doesn't end up here.

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