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Thread: Those little things which made life sooo much better!

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    Those little things which made life sooo much better!

    You know how when you find something in Painter which cuts down on the time you waist when you draw, you do that little dance in your head? Well...seeing as they might be able to help all of us, i figured, why not have everyone toss down the greatest time savers they discovered while they work!

    For me...

    1) Tinting - Basic Round. Once discovered, this became my main brush. I have eight derivatives of it i use regularily.
    2) Keeping my fingers on Option (for eye droplet) and the spacebar (to move a piece around) lets me tab out all the windows and just draw full screen.
    3) Taking my favorite bushes and dedicating a day to making them all act exactly how i like them to and ironing out all of their imperfects was so very very worth the time spent.
    4) Google image search for lightning fast reference mid drawing.
    5) Stay the hell away from CA while drawing a piece.
    6) Draw the background FIRST, then draw the forground. Or, if able, draw the foreground in a seperate layer entirely.
    7) Sketch the whole scene first, then go up in detail. Aka, getting good composition right off the bat saves you time later.

    These are less time savers but more things to keep in mind. All of them i have written on a sticky on my wall.

    1) Multiple light sources are more interesting them one.
    2) Lights are almost never colorless
    3) Lines do NOT exist in reality.
    4) Characters must tell a story, not just look cool.
    5) If it becomes cliche, stay far far away.
    6) Lense flare is never to be used. Ever
    7) Vibrant colors rarely exist in reality. Mud it a little.
    8. No matter how good it looks...flip it horizontal to double check.
    My work: [link]
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    "5) Stay the hell away from CA while drawing a piece."

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    It IS possible to finish an illustration while you simultaneously get six hours of sleep, but NOT recommended, especially if you expect payment for it.
    No position or belief, whether religious, political or social, is valid if one has to lie to support it.--Alj Mary

    Ironically, the concept of SIMPLICITY is most often misunderstood by simple-minded people. --Alj Mary
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    you should check out Panda's notes in the workshop section.I found lots of useful stuff there

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    ummm ... wash your Hands before you start to render a big piece...especially when you lay down very dark dont want to smudge the graphite all over the image just because y<ou have a little sweaty hand , do you ?
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    "Art is the physical result of your soul battling with your intellect to the death...with a sharp pencil..."
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