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    +../ Grave Girl ../+

    Just a study here, but I think it turned out pretty cool. Bout 4 hours in painter, no drawing just blocking in values. C+C welcome : )

    +../ Grave Girl ../+

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    Hey man,
    Pretty decent study you got going on here. Two items that stick out to me is the left leg/butt-cheek with the angle you chose looks weird to me. Also I really can't tell what's going on with the face. Nice setting though with your environment, and the images on her arm is fun, savvy?

    - Visions

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    I agree with mr visions..the bum cheeks are a bit weird....they seem to static and not like they are being used to help support the weight to me...for this sort of pose the torso would have some degree of twist in it which would probably be visible at the waist. also judging by the angle of the shoulder it looks to me like it would be a contrapposto pose so the hip would offset the shoulderblade in order to maintane balance. the background is working out. I pretty well though i think too...I think colorwise the most disturbing thing about it is the dominant use of black...I think those dark areas around the edges could be punched up a bit and even given some suggestive details about what is going on in them. The colors can still remain very dark and near black....I've always found that large amounts of pure black in a certain area are just like dead space in an illustration unless there is a specific reason for it. The face being obscured doesn't bother me as much...I really understand where you were going with that and I think it is ok...where it loses a little bit of believability is how the chin rests right on top of the shoulder...that wouldn't happen especially from a lowered view point as you've got unless you were shooting for the exorcist appeal. here...see what i mean....if you elevate your own shoulder like hers and turn your head you'll notice that your chin tucks into that little notch between your trap muscles(or whatever is up there) and your clavicle area...go ahead and try, no one is looking....from a lowered perspective it would cover at the very least a little bit of the chin. yeah...see what I mean....unless the head was tipped back then that wouldn't happen but if that was your aim then I might try tipping it back even more so that there is no confusion about how it is sitting. well....hope my opinion is of luck!!!
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    The left upper leg, under the butt cheek, is sticking out more than the right leg, her ass is big, and she seems not to have a neck (to me at least).

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